Hippo Gumstick (Digital Audio Player) Finally Here….!!

Hi Guys,

It’s not a gum, it’s not some kind of candy, it’s Hippo Gumstick…

We are so excited to introduce this little fellow : Hippo Gumstick -> first Digital Audio Player (DAP) from Hippo…!!


So what’s this little thing got to offer? Here’s are some reasons why you should consider to have one :
– It’s small and practical with decent sound quality (imagine Ipod + decent amp)
– It’s using class A amp circuit inside
– It has voice recorder + FM radio functions
– It has small screen to provide informations (it might small, but it’s easy to read for sure)
– 4GB internal memory with expandable Micro SD slot
– FLAC support
– More

Moreover it’s Hippo, which means this product will always be worry-free product.

Check out our bundles on : Jaben Indonesia Specials

Feel free to contact me at :
YM : alvonyulius
MSN : alvon_19@hotmail.com
Phone : +62812-3000-2005
Email : alvon@jaben.net

Have fun….

p.s : will update the blog every 3 days from now on…




~ by jaben on June 14, 2010.

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