About Jaben

Jaben is a store in Singapore.

Jaben is in The Adelphi mall, next to the Supreme Court near the City Hall station.

Jaben sells lots of headphones.

There are 2 strange blokes and hundreds of teddy bears in Jaben.


47 Responses to “About Jaben”

  1. Congrats with another Jaben initiative. May the gods of headphones and amps smile upon you!
    Jaben: Thank you… Stay Well, The Jaben Team

  2. Nice place to visit. Keep up the great work. You guys are practically a singapore institution

    Jaben: Thanks, it would not be without the support of evryone of you out there. I am most grateful to all of you.

  3. I visit the store nearly every month. But that’s a memorable place to go to.

  4. This is cool. It brings Jaben’s personal touch to the web too now.
    Keep at it, Jaben Team
    Jaben: Thank you… It would not have been possible without your support. We are most grateful.

  5. I think Jaben should teach the rest of singapore of what real service is… you guya are the friendliest “blokes” that i’ve ever met, (ofcourse excluding those who are so friendly they scare me :S)

    Jaben: Actually… it is the nice customer that makes us go the extra mile. If we have ever and I know we have failed in providing top-notch service, do let us know…

  6. “failed in providing top-notch service”???? NEVER! You guys are terribly good, Uncle Wilson you make me feel like a princess, I LOVE just hanging out at Jaben, in fact I think I haven’t been a good enough customer for Jaben XD…

    Jaben: 🙂

  7. I shall say there can’t be any other shops better.
    Allowed testing of earphones , nice stuff , great owner and lucky draw. Gonna be coming back next time! One of the best moments ever!

  8. Your shop rocks, with the sound of music, nice stuff you got there, with the great services and friendly people =) hope to visit you all again to purchase some real stuff. haha.

    Jaben: Thanks, but it is only possible because you guys are nice and are willing to have good fun. Come this Friday… lots of surprises…

  9. “Jaben is a store in Singapore.
    Jaben is in The Adelphi mall, next to the Supreme Court near the City Hall station.
    Jaben sells lots of headphones.
    There are 2 strange blokes and hundreds of teddy bears in Jaben.”
    2 bears lesser now.
    Jaben: Nah, you’re wrong… I just got a huge bear.

  10. I want a bear please..

  11. Hi Wilson,
    Any idea when Westones 3 way IEM will arrive in your shop?
    Saw on the net that some online stores have shipped them out last week of May.
    Looking forward to an audition.
    Jaben: Sorry mate, whoever told you that they were shipped was rather imaginative… don’t worry… watch this blog and the Westone’s thread.

  12. It’s me again! Will come down on Friday to pay you the other $15!
    The Mylar3 is so damn awesome!

    Jaben: Hi “me” … drop by this Friday… Stay well.

  13. hiya, heard quite a bit about jaben/uncle wilson from all the forums.. i came by today and found that everything they said is true… thanks for the gift thrown in with the mylar3 – my girlfriend really appreciates it! =)
    (you really don’t have any, any rock music at all? 😛 )
    Jaben: Thanks for dropping by and making the purchase… we appreciate the business. Yes, it’s true, I really don’t have rock music at all. I stopped rocking after Creedence… and it stayed there. Dropping by the Friday?

  14. this friday no, cos i’ll be in malacca. Will definitely come to see for myself and bring a friend or 2 along 😉 cheers

  15. Hi Uncle Wilson,
    I live in Pennsylvania in the USA and I will be visiting Singapore next week. For my 19 hour flight I bought some IEMs (Etymotic ER6i) a few days ago based on recommendations from headfi.org – I have never had any headphones before. Anyway people at the forum said your store was one of the ‘must visit’ attractions in Singapore…
    When might be a good time to visit? I have read some surprisingly good things about MylarOne X3s and might pick up a set. Also is the Adelphi near the Funan Center (a place I know well)?

    Jaben: Hi Pelucidor… we’re opposite the Funan and we’re linked by a overhead pedestrian bridge… There’s no bad time… best to call in the event I am out. Tel: +65 6337-0809, try and make it down on Fridays if you can. Be seeing you then.

  16. Hi Uncle Wilson,
    i bought a pair of Mylarone X3 from you over the weekend and it sounds great.
    i’ll definitely recommend my frens and visit ur shop soon.
    Thumbs up for you personality! Stay cool and healthly.

    Jaben: Thank you too… we appreciate your kind words… Stay Well 🙂

  17. Hi Uncle Wilson, I’m alive and well in Sunway, Malaysia. Missing you and Jaben loads. Thank you so much for the bear, I have named it Theodore (yeah in the end I decided that it should be a male one haha). Will give Theodore a squeeze everytime I miss you guys! And of course I will frequent your blog hehe.. Take care!

    Jaben: Hi Sheila!, it’s nice to know you are doing OK there. Hey, next time you come here, bring some dodol or some salt-fish. And yes… I remember… there’s an Indian brand (Malaysian) of Salt-Fish pickles but i can’t remember the brand… can you scout around and let me know if it is available… Theodore would be very happy if you did that for me 🙂

  18. Sunway.. brings back alot of memories. 4 years staying there and never got tired of it. Wilson, u and your never ending kiamyu hunt.
    About the brand, might be alibaba or babas. something like that.

    Jaben: You heard of a monomaniac? BTW, the pickles is an Indian brand… for the life of me, I cannot remember the brand but it had some thing that sounded very English… like The Old Receipe or something like that.

    Update: Found this googling…


    (preparation time 15 minutes cooking time 40 minutes)
    1 1/3 lbs salt fish (threadfin)
    1 1/2 cups oil
    Ground Ingredients
    15 shallots
    4 whole pods of garlic
    7 1/2cm (3in) ginger
    Mixed Ingredients
    5 tablespoons vindaloo curry powder
    5 tablespoons water
    2 cups vinegar
    3 tablespoons tamarind paste (strained)
    1/4 cup water
    8oz sugar

    Wash salt fish and cut into 2cm square pieces and dry in the sun for about 2 hours.
    Heat oil and deep-fry the saltfish for 7-10 minutes over low heat until golden brown.
    and crisp. Drain from oil.
    In a frying pan, fry the ground ingredients over low heat until fragrant. Add vinegar, tamarind juice and sugar until the gravy is very thick and a layer of oil appears on the surface. Cool thoroughly before adding the fried salt fish. Store in air tight containers.

    * Salt fish pickle keeps for as long as one year in the refridgerator. It goes well with rice and is delicious as a sandwich spread.
    Spanish mackerel or any other fresh fish can be used in place of salt fish. Deep-fry fish slices until crisp and add in gravy.

    Hey!, they eat salt fish in Jamaica…


  19. Thats a good recipie . Hey wilson, tamarind+curry powder+garlic+ginger+onions = doesn’t it reminds you of anything??
    Penang assam laksa!! wooo weee. Well almost. With the tamarind in, think i have to try out this recipe.

    “It goes well with rice and is delicious as a sandwich spread”

    I agree with the rice, but do be my guest to try out the sandwich part and let me know.

  20. Oh yeah btw, about the mui heong. Try this.

    Its similar with chicken floss bun, but just substitute it with the salted fish, just get a small price, crush it really fine (depends on your own preferences, personally i like it very min, too much tends to spoil everything. .. sprinkle it on top of a generously spreaded bun with butter + cheese, into the oven you go and bake it till golden brown. Take it out, cut few slices of cheery tomato and lettuce.

    I tried it once when i was young, don’t know will i still like the taste or not.

  21. Hi everyone frm Jaben,

    Seeing all the positive comments here, no doubt i’ve bought headphone at the correct place.

    Will visit the shop again, and thumbs up for your service!!

    See ya.

    Jaben: Thank you too… 🙂 , we’re glad we could help.

  22. May i know what time your shop closes?

    Jaben: Generally around 8:30 +++

  23. Hi Uncle Wilson, may i know what is the operating hrs for Jaben?
    And is there anymore stocks for CrossRoads MylarOne X3?
    I would like to drop by and take a look….

    Jaben: Hi T…, Most days, we’re opened to at least 8:30. Sundays after 3pm to “when the spirit moves…” . You can call us at 6337-0809.

  24. Meow, thanks for the freebies you threw in! 🙂 will definitely return to buy more (maybe with a bandana :P).

    btw, mel works at build-a-bear workshop (http://www.buildabear.com.sg/). 🙂

    Jaben: Meow… Grrrrrr… arf, arf…

  25. pls help me to register, i cant find the register web site on the forurm. tx

  26. Wow, what a nice blog – both in looks and in content! 😀 and just to drop a note that i came along with gideon and was very pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere… it’s very… how to say… chummy… camaderie, etc…

    such a lovely place to go – i’ll be sure to tell my other friends abt the place. ;D


    Jaben: Thank you… blessings too.. 🙂

  27. Hiho Jaben
    Greetings my friend!
    Best Regards
    from Germany^^

    Jaben: Hi Mark, visit the forum, http://www.jaben.net/forums

  28. I just bought a pair of Shure SE530 from you guys at a great price. Thanks for the great service and allowing me to try out the other fine earphone products you offer. I’ll definitely be visiting your shop more often! Glad to find out that I’m not the only torchlight freak around 🙂

    Jaben: Yeah, let there be light… drop by the forum… http://www.jaben.net/forums , glad to know you liked the place… drop by anytime and have fun and bring your favourite CDs’. Happy New Year

  29. what time does jaben operate i went on Saturday around 11.30am but the store was close

    *12 onwards… So very sorry…

  30. hey you guys,
    so i was looking for a pair of earphones and got caught up in the audiophile world once i stepped into Jaben. Never quite expected to spend so much, but then, the sound quality from the UM2 is amazing and distinct. (: am thoroughly happy that i stepped into your shop! and it was a nice change to have such friendly service, and you guys let us try so many different earphones! much appreciated for someone so new in audiophileland (:
    once i stop having to eat grass (for spending over my budget, hahah!), i will come back again!! thank you, and cya! (:

  31. Wilson, see what you mean when you said Jaben basically created & owned the market space, never been to such a friendly and fun shop, quite an enlightening experience… awesome place, pls keep up the unique Jaben Brand promise, a rarity that one is lucky to stumble on

  32. Does Jaben have a return policy lets say i want a more ex phones can i top up and return the old phones

  33. i was recommended by a friend to visit Jaben after my earphones failed on me. It was a great experience, and i had all the time i needed to test out and compare different earphones, although i was forced to listen to Hotel California again and again haha (i forgot to bring my own music). Excellent service, great products, and I will definitely be back again! Thanks!

  34. Do i need to call when i wana visit??? omg man i ask 1 fren where get gd earphones he say jaben, i ask another and he too said jaben, guess i’ll go down wif my gf tml unless my father fetches i will bring my family along XD

    • Hi Glenn, no need to call first, just drop by and have fun at jaben…make sure you have some spare time as time goes by real fast in jaben 😛

  35. wat time do u guys open n close? ^^

  36. I have just known about jaben for a short time and currently falling in love with it. Such a pity that the approval to my forn account is still pending 😦

  37. Ever since I bought my first pair of earphones for myself back in 07, I’ve returned to Jaben (and only Jaben) for all my earphones. Brought tons of friends who brought their own friends there- the place really speaks for itself and wins people over. Beyond the freebies you guys always throw in, visiting Jaben is always an experience. There’s no place like it. Recently, I went down with a friend to get him a new pair and happened to see Uncle Wilson, whom I hadn’t seen in 2 yrs! Said hi excitedly, and he gave me the new Crossroads Stainless as a gift!! Trust Uncle Wilson to be so generous as always. I couldn’t find a way to contact him so I just wanted to say a huge thank you Uncle Wilson, and the Jaben Team. Forever loyal to you guys. And I’m really loving the new earphones.

  38. Hi,

    Is it okay for you if I only audition headphones? I am still on the hunt of what I really want so I might not buy after auditioning. I hope that’s okay. Thanks

  39. Hi,
    Great service! I just wanted to know, its been less than a week since I purchased a pair of s4a’s, but they don’t work. Is it possible for me to exchange or anythin?

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