Shopping with Jaben

Audio Technica CK5 + CrossRoads MylarOne X3


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  1. I would like to buy some Mylar Threes. How do I buy them?

    Jaben: Hi Bryan, please go to , Many Thanks

  2. How long does it take to get the headphones send to the United States?

    Jaben: Hi Jon, Shipping times (estimated): USA-15days Europe-10days Eastern Europe-21days Asia-7days. Generally it takes less…

  3. I Hear these guys talking about Mylar Threes, but don’t see them… Help would be great…

    Jaben: Out of habit, the Mylarone X3 was referred to as the Mylar Three. Pictures will be posted in a day or so since we now know how to put pictures on this blog.

  4. cool… just ordered. Someone mentioned the “Kramer Mod”.” What is that?

    Jaben: Many thanks… about the Kramer mod…

  5. What amps do you have? and what price? I am interested in an amp, possibly.

    Jaben: Hi Jon, email me…

  6. How do I tell you what colour I want if I want to order a set of MylarThrees online?

  7. Hi Wilson:
    Finally found your website!:)
    any news on the ‘white’ crossroads earphones?:P

    Jaben: It’s in…

  8. Unfortunately I can only buy via money order. Is it possible to buy the MylarOne X3 via money order from you?

    Jaben: Email us…

  9. Jaben: Harry, you got mail..

  10. I am wondering if i can…

    Jaben: Hi, d… you got mail.

  11. Hi, Can you contact me…

    Jaben: Hi J…, you got mail… Thanks…

  12. I want to order… ?

    Hi J…, You got mail…

  13. Hello. I purchased my pair of MylarOnes from you not too long ago and I am very satisfied with their performance. The only problem is that I somehow lost the replaceable earpieces that came with them and now I am left using uneven sized earpieces lol. I would appreciate it if you can provide any info on where to purchase the exact same earpieces that came with them thanks. =)

    Jaben: You can get extras here… email us,

  14. I received my order yesterday… The good news is that so far I like the Mylarone X3’s šŸ˜‰

    Jaben: Hi John, you got mail…

  15. Hi..Always saw Jaben and Uncle Wilson name on another webwite..Finally i found out Jaben quite near my house..SO NICE..
    Actually i wanna know whether that is Mylarthree white in stock ?? And actually how much the price..I think i gonna go Jaben on this friday..haha..thanks a lot..

  16. hi, i asked david about whether…………………………………………………….

    Jaben: Hi C… you got mail

  17. hey, i just sent you an email…

    Jaben: Hi Calvin, you have mail…

  18. Willison does the westone come with warranty??

    Jaben: Yes it does…

  19. Hi.
    How long does it take to get the tracking number when I pay the Mylarone X3ā€™s

    Jaben: So sorry for late reply… within a day…

  20. I want to get a Mylarone X3, but can’t find pictures on your site! Where are they posted, and what colors are available?

    Jaben: Please view it here…

    Yes, extra tips are available.

    Do visit,

  21. Do you have westone um1?

    Jaben: Yes, we do… you got mail. BTW visit…

  22. Hi!
    Do you have the mylarone XB’s? would like to buy them…

    Jaben: Hi, visit or email me… & yes we have them.

  23. Uncle……

    I’m after the Black and silver ones.

    Thanks very much for your help
    Kind Regards

    Jaben: Hi Chris, you got mail… šŸ™‚


    Hi Wilson,
    Was telling you tis earplugs from KOSS where the foam is customise once it is inserted into the ear canal.Dic

    Jaben: Hi DS, we have them now… , btw, visit the forum,

    Rgds, Wilson

  25. i want to buy the new Mylarone X3i but i can only find the old Mylarone X3 on your website. do you sale the new model?

    Jaben: Sigh… the guys in charge of the web updates are on leave… but here’s the surprise… all orders for X3 & XB are automatically shipped with the “i” versions.

    BTW, do visit the forum,

  26. forgot to mention i am from israel

    Jaben: Shalom… šŸ™‚

  27. send you to Sudamerica (Argentina)?

    Jaben: Yes…

    BTW, Visit the forum,

  28. Hiya guys
    Iā€™m wanting to …

    Jaben: We sent you mail…

  29. hi there,im from malaysia…?

    Jaben: yes we do… email us

  30. Hi guys. A question about shipping to Israel.
    Thank you.

  31. Hi. Any recommendation for solid non muddy bass and rich sound iem? Budget is kindda low. 120 bucks.

    • Hi Jon…from Hippo family line, you might try Hippo vB or Hippo Shroom…Reviews for both IEM can be found easily on google…


      Jaben Team

  32. hello do you have Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi in stock?

  33. hello(: do you have any dr.dre headphone?

  34. Hi I have ipod 5th gen modded – need an idock with capacitors to feed to my headamp. Short of ordering frm ALO – I wonder if you have them at Jaben. I only see headphone amps when I surf this website. Cheers.

  35. Hi, I recently bought the Hippo VB, but the site told me they were out of stock. I’m in Belgium, Europe, could you tell me when they will arive ?

  36. Hi,

    I ordered a Hippo VB 6 days ago and didn’t receive any information yet. I mailed you and tried to register at your forum but didn’t get any reaction. šŸ˜¦
    Please reply…

    Best regards!

    • Hi Pascal,

      I will inform my colleague to get back to you by today…

      I’m really sorry for the late response from us….


  37. I found on various forum that you adapt Westone SE cable to work with Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5.
    I didn’t find any UE product in your shop, nor the Westone Cable.
    How can I purchase a Westone SE cable modified for UE Super.Fi 5?

  38. Hello there… do u still have MAYA44 USB or GIGAPORT HD??

  39. hey, do jaben have Audio-Technica ath-ON3 Onto in brown colour?

  40. Hey, what is your mail?
    would like to seek your recommendation for some headphones

  41. forget to tell you, i’m from singapore, is there ATH-M50 in the singapoe store???

  42. Hey what happened to the Hippo VB + Hippo Gumstick for $129?
    Please I really need this, i can’t find it on the website it was there like 2 days ago

  43. Hi, I live in Jakarta and I’m using an UE custom earphone ehich i bought about 4 years ago. I’m interested in having a portable amp that is the best matched with my earphone. Can you recommend? Thnks in advance.

  44. do jaben have Audio Technica ATH-AD700 headphones?

  45. are you sure? do jaben surabaya have AD700?
    can you give me the address, please?

    • Jaben Singapore has the stock of AD700 currently….

      But if you live in Surabaya, do drop by to our Jaben Surabaya store at :
      PTC (Pakuwon Trade Centre) Mall
      UG Floor F5-21

      Have fun then…:)


  46. uncle. is it true tat the er6i wires gets torn off easily? is there any companies in singapore tat does etymotic earphone fixing?

    • It depends on the usage also. Usually on normal usage, all high end IEM cables can last for a long time. Cable torn off mostly caused by improper usage by the user itself. So as long as we wear it carefully, then it can last for long time.


  47. hi jaben, i’m in bandung or jakarta. i really need a hardcase for my vjays since it came with no case in bundle.
    do you have any? or can you suggest a suitable case for my vjays?
    please reply to my email in case if i’m not visiting this site often

    • Hi Hilmi,

      HippoCase Small can fit V-Jays perfectly for sure. Feel free to contact our Jaben Surabaya (Alvon : +62812-3000-2005).


  48. do you have hd650? i would like to purchase one,thankyou

  49. Hi sir, how much for the HD25, the adidas one and the normal one, in Singapore? Thanks!

  50. Alright so at first the bundle with the DT-770 Pros was not labeled as to what version they were. I e-mailed support and they said they had the 80 ohm and 250 ohm versions which was good because I am looking at buying the 80 ohm version. However, the description to the bundle has been changed and says only 32 and 250 ohm… Is there anyone I can talk to or e-mail about getting the 80 ohm version with the bundle since I was told it was available? Thanks.

  51. Hi, do you have stock for the Sennheiser rs120 wireless headphones?

  52. Excellent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you are just too fantastic. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you are stating and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it sensible. I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is really a tremendous web site.

  53. Hi,

    I’m interested in the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II headphones, do you carry those? And may I also ask about the retail price?

  54. hi, ill be visiting singapore soon, and will definitely check out Jaben, would like to ask, how much do your Grado SR80i and SR125i’s cost?

    also, do you cary AW Audio? looking for the silver dragon IC. thanks

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