Joan Sutherland Sings Bellini

I just found my record… it’s nearly 50 years old. It’s mono. It’s an LP. And it’s Joan Sutherland singing Bellini… I’m going to convert it to a CD soon.

Additional Notes: For those of you who have LP’s you could use an old toothbrush to clean the grooves. I use both the toothbrush as well as the VPI LP Cleaner.

BTW, She became rather famous doing Lucia di Lammermoor, my favourite opera. Though I prefer the one with Beverly Sills.


~ by jaben on June 4, 2007.

8 Responses to “Joan Sutherland Sings Bellini”

  1. Congratulations.
    (i suppose its covered with a thick layer of dust?)

    Jaben: It was, now it isn’t. I scrubbed it really clean. Smells like a baby… btw anybody knows why babies smell good? If you get the right answer, we’ll give you a little present.

  2. ahh I’ve read it somewhere before. Babies skin is covered with some kind of scent glands. OK.. now hand me over your gigantic bear!

    Jaben: nah, you’re wrong… now, you, return me my bears !

  3. aromacue scent glands to be specific.

  4. reminds me of pheromones.

    Jaben: Now, now… Richard (in a very stern voice)

  5. They smell good because of the olive oil and garlic that’s rubbed into their skin before they go into the oven.

    Jaben: Yummy… roasted babies… my, my, you’re bad…

  6. well as in science (don’t get me wrong..) =)

    Jaben: nah… 😉 all in good fun…

  7. wah! would like to listen to this once its on CD

    Jaben: … Mmmmm… hey… how about starting with… “let me buy you lunch…” 🙂 , Stay well my friend…

  8. Hmm.. I only know that all 5 of my younger siblings (when they were babies) smell good cos my mum bathes them and cuddles them after

    Jaben: Sheila… babies smell good because…

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