Jaben Indonesia Official Fanpage (Facebook)…!!

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Hi Guys,

We have our official Jaben Indonesia fanpage on Facebook….:D

Do drop by and “Like” our Facebook fanpage….We’ll have lots of crazy contests with crazy prizes there, soon…!!

Here’s the link : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jaben-Indonesia/157610787613406

Have fun there guys….:D



New Items Arrival (4 Nov 2010)…!!

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Hi Guys,

We have some new items in the store today :
– Beyer DT231Pro
– Alessandro Case Medium (fit MS-Pro, Grado SR325i, MS2i, Grado RS1, Grado RS2)

In addition of Jaben’s hot bundles, below is 1 ultra hot bundle for your reference :
– Beyerdynamic DT231Pro – 625,000 IDR
– GoVibe Derringer-i – 750,000 IDR
– TOTAL – 1,375,000 IDR
– Bundle Special – 850,000 IDR

What’s so good about Beyer DT231Pro?
Beyer DT231Pro is a monitoring headphone used as broadcaster standard which widely used in various radio stations and tv stations all over Europe (e.g : BBC UK). As a headphone designed for broadcaster, DT231Pro has transparent vocal characteristic, neutral sounding and a bit warm on the mid-tones. Moreover it has a comfortable fitting for long hour usage.

What is GoVibe Derringer-i and differences with GoVibe Derringer?
Govibe Derringer-i is a portable amp from GoVibe with a neutral characteristic. By using this amp, wide soundstage + instrument separation can be heard in much clearer tone. It gives clear sound without without dominant boost in certain frequency. Overall character of cold, analytical makes this amp to be suitable addition for monitoring headphone which needs neutral amp characteristic.

GoVibe Derringer-i has a built in LOD cable for iPod users. This amp can be used for iPod users only (including iPhone and iTouch). Main advantage of using this amp relies on practicality offered by this amp. While GoVibe Derringer does not have built in LOD cable, which need additional LOD cable for iPod LOD connection usage.

Beyer DT231Pro + GoVibe Derringer-i Performance?
This system is suitable for vocal music lovers who need practical system with affordable price. Compared with other headphone in the same price range as this bundle (700K IDR – 850K IDR), this system offer better instrument separation + detail (thanks to GoVibe Derringer-i). Moreoever comfortable fitting from this Beyer headphones definitely support for long hour usage.

Contact me :
Call / sms : +62812-3000-2005
Email : alvon@jaben.net
YM : alvonyulius
MSN : alvon_19@hotmail.com



Jaben Charity Auction (31 Oct 2010) – Merapi, Mentawai, Wasior….!!

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Hi Guys,

Dengan banyaknya bencana alam yang menimpa Indonesia beberapa hari terakhir ini, meliputi :
– Gunung Merapi meletus
– Tsunami di Kepulauan Mentawai
– Gempa bumi di Wasior

Dan tentunya mengakibatkan penderitaan + korban yang tidak sedikit. Untuk itu Jaben tergerak banget untuk dapat meringankan penderitaan saudara kita yang mengalami musibah dengan cara mengadakan lelang amal, yang seluruh hasilnya akan disumbangkan untuk meringankan penderitaan para korban bencana.

Untuk mengikuti lelang amal yang diadakan Jaben, cukup dilihat di thread di bawah ini :

Setiap partisipasi dari teman – teman sekalian baik besar maupun kecil adalah untuk tujuan kebaikan bersama.

Semoga dengan adanya lelang amal ini, dapat membantu meringankan penderitaan para korban bencana.

See you there guys….:D



Jaben Indo Associate & Jaben Representative Lists (20 Oct 2010)…!!

•October 20, 2010 • 2 Comments

Hi guys,

Thread list reviews Hippo Products di :

Banyak banget yang penasaran di mana bisa audisi Hippo Products di kotanya masing2…Jaben udah ada solusinya sekarang….

Sekarang ada Jaben Associate yang dapat menyediakan demo unit lengkap + hot offers di beberapa kota di Indonesia…

Keuntungan beli di Jaben Associate :
– Harga dijamin sama dengan Jaben Indonesia (no price game)
– Garansi yang dicover langsung oleh Jaben Indonesia tetap berlaku : 1 year 1 on 1 replacement warranty untuk Hippo Products
– Special bonus dan free items dari Jaben Associate (check on each Jaben Associate)
– Demo unit lengkap dari semua Hippo Products yang boleh dicoba sampe puas
– Friendly and fun people as original Jaben original styles
– Yang jual cakep2 loh….

Beda antara Jaben Associate & Jaben Representative :
1. Jaben Associate tidak memiliki store, pilihan barang yang dijual terbatas pada Hippo Products
2. Jaben Representative bertanggung jawab untuk Jaben Store, pilihan barang lebih luas dari berbagai brands
3. Jaben Representative memiliki privilege & responsibility yang lebih luas

1. Bandung – Jaben Associate
Contact Detail :
Name : Maximilianus Stevanus (Steve)
Aud-id ID : N/A
Phone : 0858-6133-2323
YM : maximilianusleonardo
Email : maximilianusleonardo[at]yahoo.com
Address : Pajajaran, Bandung

2. Surabaya – Jaben Representative
Contact Detail :
Name : Dimas Arifana
Aud-id ID : pitom
Phone : 081-7931-3179
YM : pitom_congo61
Email : dimas.arifana[at]gmail.com
Address : PTC Mall UG Floor, F5-21, Surabaya

Contact Detail :
Name : Alvon
Aud-id ID : alvon_19
Phone : 0812-3000-2005
YM : alvonyulius
Email : alvon[at]jaben.net
Address : PTC Mall UG Floor, F5-21, Surabaya

3. Mataram & Sumbawa – Jaben Associate
Contact Detail :
Name : Okky
Aud-id ID : dr188le
Phone : 081-1394-9632
YM : dr188le
Email : dr188le[at]gmail.com
Address : RA Kartini Cendrawasih, Mataram

4. Yogyakarta – Jaben Associate
Contact Detail :
Name : Tommy Suditomo
Aud-id ID : Soulsinger
Phone : 0899-5000-296
YM : tomomy12
Email : tommy.suditomo[at]gmail.com
Address : Celeban, Yogyakarta

5. Semarang – Jaben Associate
Contact Detail :
Name : Rinaldi Wahyu Pradita
Aud-id ID : marondes
Phone : 081-2285-2817
YM : rinaldi.pradita
Email : rinaldi.pradita[at]gmail.com
Address : Kesatrian Jatingaleh, Semarang

6. Malang – Jaben Associate
Contact Detail :
Name : Ivan Cahyadi Saputra
Aud-id ID : vanhunt
Phone : 081-7502-2008
YM : ivan_cahyadi_s[at]rocketmail.com
Email : ivan_cahyadi_s[at]rocketmail.com
Address : Dieng, Malang

7. Medan – Jaben Associate
Contact Detail :
Name : Fiddel
Aud-id ID : ninebreaker
Phone : 0812-6466-7787
YM : flu_911[at]yahoo.com
Email : flu_911[at]yahoo.com
Address : Simpang Jalan Samudera, Medan

8. Central Jakarta – Jaben Associate
Contact Detail :
Name : Triaji
Aud-id ID : –
Phone : 0882-101-888-16
YM : triaji.hippo[at]yahoo.com
Email : triaji.hippo[at]yahoo.com
Address : Jakarta Pusat (PIM, Senci, FX, Citos, Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia)

9. Samarinda – Jaben Associate
Contact Detail :
Name : Ikhwan Isfaransyi
Aud-id ID : cooki3st
Phone : 081-3502-17577
YM : suck_mondayz[at]yahoo.com
Email : iisfaransyi[at]gmail.com
Address : Kebon Agung, Samarinda

10. Bekasi – Jaben Associate
Contact Detail :
Name : Purwoko Nugroho (Ago)
Aud-id ID : audios_amigos
Phone : +6281-2856-2695
YM : bigred_sky@yahoo.co.id
Email : bigred_sky@yahoo.co.id
Address : Pondok Pekayon, Bekasi

New Demo Units on Jaben Associate :
– Alessandro MS1i
– Beyerdynamic DT231Pro
– GoVibe Derringer Amp
– Hippo Gumstick
– Ordnance .22 Amp

Contact them for special bonus and free items now….

More other cities coming in soon….

Have fun guys…



Even Indonesian Local Artists Love Hippo Products…!!

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Hi Guys,

We managed to establish our beloved Hippo brand on the Indonesian celebrities world. The list below will grow some more in the future. And all of them love their Hippo for sure….:)

Here are the lists :
1.  Audy Item – Top female Indonesian solo singer (Hippo Shroom)
Audy with her Hippo Shroom

Audy’s Twitter :
Her Twitter Comment

2. Bongky BIP – Ex bassist Slank, bassist BIP currently (Hippo Safari)
Bongky with his Hippo Safari

3. Iman J-Rock – Vocalist J-Rock (Hippo Pearl)
Iman J-Rock with his Hippo Pearl

4. Lala Karmela – Movie star + Coca Cola jingle singer (Hippo Pearl)
Lala Karmela with her Hippo Pearl

5. Sandy Canester – Singer of hit song “Sabtu Minggu” (Hippo Safari)
Sandy with his Hippo Safari

6. Ari Lasso – Top male Indonesian solo singer (Hippo Shroom)
Image coming soon

More artists coming soon….:D

And remember… Jaben Luvs You !!



Jaben Indo New Items Arrival (19 Oct 2010)…!!

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Hi Guys,

We have some new items today :
– Beyerdynamic T50p
– Beyerdynamic T1
– Final Audio Heaven-s
– Final Audio Heaven-a
– ATH M-50 😛
– ATH AD1000PRM (found somewhere in Uncle’s warehouse in dark, dusty spot)
– Sennheiser HD650
– Centrance DACPort

Audition yourself at Jaben Surabaya only…:D

p.s : hot bundles coming soon…!!



New Items Arrival (13 Oct 2010) – Jaben Indo…!!

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Hi Guys,

We have some new items at Jaben Indo :
– Sennheiser HD650
– Hippo Gumstick
– Hippo 10 IEM
– Corda 3Move
– Corda XXS
– Maverick Tube DAC
– RSA Protector
– Comply Foam (T100, T400, T500)….yeayy!!

p.s : hot bundles coming soon….

Come and audition yourself at Jaben Indo only…!!