New Items Arrival (4 Nov 2010)…!!

Hi Guys,

We have some new items in the store today :
– Beyer DT231Pro
– Alessandro Case Medium (fit MS-Pro, Grado SR325i, MS2i, Grado RS1, Grado RS2)

In addition of Jaben’s hot bundles, below is 1 ultra hot bundle for your reference :
– Beyerdynamic DT231Pro – 625,000 IDR
– GoVibe Derringer-i – 750,000 IDR
– TOTAL – 1,375,000 IDR
– Bundle Special – 850,000 IDR

What’s so good about Beyer DT231Pro?
Beyer DT231Pro is a monitoring headphone used as broadcaster standard which widely used in various radio stations and tv stations all over Europe (e.g : BBC UK). As a headphone designed for broadcaster, DT231Pro has transparent vocal characteristic, neutral sounding and a bit warm on the mid-tones. Moreover it has a comfortable fitting for long hour usage.

What is GoVibe Derringer-i and differences with GoVibe Derringer?
Govibe Derringer-i is a portable amp from GoVibe with a neutral characteristic. By using this amp, wide soundstage + instrument separation can be heard in much clearer tone. It gives clear sound without without dominant boost in certain frequency. Overall character of cold, analytical makes this amp to be suitable addition for monitoring headphone which needs neutral amp characteristic.

GoVibe Derringer-i has a built in LOD cable for iPod users. This amp can be used for iPod users only (including iPhone and iTouch). Main advantage of using this amp relies on practicality offered by this amp. While GoVibe Derringer does not have built in LOD cable, which need additional LOD cable for iPod LOD connection usage.

Beyer DT231Pro + GoVibe Derringer-i Performance?
This system is suitable for vocal music lovers who need practical system with affordable price. Compared with other headphone in the same price range as this bundle (700K IDR – 850K IDR), this system offer better instrument separation + detail (thanks to GoVibe Derringer-i). Moreoever comfortable fitting from this Beyer headphones definitely support for long hour usage.

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