Even Indonesian Local Artists Love Hippo Products…!!

Hi Guys,

We managed to establish our beloved Hippo brand on the Indonesian celebrities world. The list below will grow some more in the future. And all of them love their Hippo for sure….:)

Here are the lists :
1.  Audy Item – Top female Indonesian solo singer (Hippo Shroom)
Audy with her Hippo Shroom

Audy’s Twitter :
Her Twitter Comment

2. Bongky BIP – Ex bassist Slank, bassist BIP currently (Hippo Safari)
Bongky with his Hippo Safari

3. Iman J-Rock – Vocalist J-Rock (Hippo Pearl)
Iman J-Rock with his Hippo Pearl

4. Lala Karmela – Movie star + Coca Cola jingle singer (Hippo Pearl)
Lala Karmela with her Hippo Pearl

5. Sandy Canester – Singer of hit song “Sabtu Minggu” (Hippo Safari)
Sandy with his Hippo Safari

6. Ari Lasso – Top male Indonesian solo singer (Hippo Shroom)
Image coming soon

More artists coming soon….:D

And remember… Jaben Luvs You !!




~ by jaben on October 20, 2010.

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