Hardcase Large + Headphone Stand….!!

Hi Guys,

I’m sure many of you own full size headphones, but then it’s becoming a big question of how to store it safely and prevent it from getting scratched, dusted, dented and so on? Especially in case of extensive travelling and you want to bring your own cans without worrying of having stated issues as above.

Jaben has Hippocase Large as a solution to store your cans. It is made of hard plastik shell along with soft suede inside to make sure it won’t scratch your cans. It also has specifically designed sponge pad to prevent your cans to move around inside. What about storage pouch inside as additional? Now it looks interesting….:D

Here’s example of Hippocase Large application :
– Setup 1 : Sony MDR-7506 + Beyerdynamic DT250/80
– Setup 2 : Beyerdynamic DT250/250 + Headamp Pico + Ipod Classic


And if you have your headphones that you want to “showcase” at home, Jaben also has Crossroad Headphone Stand to enable you to showcase it at home. It is made high quality wood, which looks nice and has a nice feel on it.

Here’s example of Crossroad Headphone Stand application :
Headphone Stand

What’s more…..we have a great bundle for those items :
– Hippocase Large – 350,000 IDR
– Crossroad Headphone Stand – 350,000 IDR
– TOTAL – 700,000 IDR
– Bundle Special – 550,000 IDR
– Bonus – Hippo Epic Sparkles (@ 120,000 IDR)

Contact me if you’re interested :
Email : alvon@jaben.net
YM : alvonyulius
MSN : alvon_19@hotmail.com
Phone : +62812-3000-2005




~ by jaben on June 25, 2010.

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