Jaben Indo 2nd Gath (28 Mar 2010)…!!

Hi Guys,

It’s been 1 month++ since we had our last gathering on January…Finally we had another fun time yesterday…The second gathering was held on Jaben Shop as usual. In front of Jaben Shop, we have an empty aisle which can be used to put on table and some chairs…

Yes it looks simple and un-inviting, yet true spirit of Jaben is still there…We had laughter, fun, made new friends….Headphones should be serious and not fun?? Proven wrong by Jaben as always….

We have a new family member…a baby born by one of Jabenesia…And guess what, this sweet little baby girl was named : Yuin (thanks to her father liking on this portable audio world)…Remind me of something to give name to my baby one day (AKG or Senn perhaps….haha)..

We had something special yesterday : Jaben T-Shirts…and anyone attend the meet was allowed to bring home the T-Shirts for free…

Pictures speak thousand of words…

Participants - Pose 1Participants – Pose 1

Participants - Pose 1Participants – Pose 2

Comments are welcome here…




~ by jaben on March 29, 2010.

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