Jaben Indonesia Inside Look…?

Hi, guys….It’s been a busy day lately with the new store opening…

But it was always fun and exciting time for me….Surely many would be curious on how Jaben Indonesia Shop looked like…Here are some pictures for you…

Store Front



Newspaper Report :
Jawa Pos – 9 January 2010

It’s not a big shop anyway, but we have many original Jaben elements inside :
– Rack style system -> as found on Jaben Singapore
– Tables and chairs available, so you can try comfortably
– All items can be tried, without having to worry one would get “mad” face from the store keeper
– It’s cozy and friendly atmosphere….surely can stay hours inside 🙂
– Teddy bears everywhere -> original Jaben style
– Bundle items and more crazy bundles 🙂

List of exotica we had :
– ATH W-5000
– ATH W-1000X
– ATH AD-1000PRM
– JH13Pro
– Beyer DT150 (rare unit)
– Beyer Amp
– Sony 7506 (rare unit)
– Ortofon
– Yamamoto HA-02
– Rudistor NX03
– More…. 🙂

If you have time to travel to Surabaya, please visit Jaben if you had time…Surely lots of fun to be found inside…

Where to find the shop :
Pakuwon Trade Center (PTC) Mall
UG Floor, F5-21

How to find the shop :
It’s located 1 floor below the movie theatre, find escalator down near with Convention Hall (SSCC), then from escalator turn right, keep walking straight away till the end, then turn left…You’ll spot 1 shop with black painting where you can see lots of headphones in front of it…quite easy actually..

Opening hours : 13.00 – 21.00 every day

Hope to see you there then….:)




~ by jaben on January 12, 2010.

One Response to “Jaben Indonesia Inside Look…?”

  1. harga beyerdynamic dt 770 pro berapa ya?

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