Grado SR60i Special & Student Special…!!

Hi, guys….

Ada lagi neh Grado SR60i Special…Seperti yang banyak orang bilang Grado SR60i tuh entry level headphone favorit…Kualitas suara khas Grado yang susah dikalahin untuk harga yang ditawarkan, menjadikan headphone ini sebagai pilihan favorit untuk first timer…

Bundle Special :
Grado SR60i = 850,000 IDR
Headphone Hard Case = 210,000 IDR
Hippo Epic = 175,000 IDR
Bundle Special = 875,000 IDR -> HOT

Kalo misalnya masi sekolah ato kuliah trus punya kartu pelajar yang masih aktif, boleh beli bundle di bawah ini :

Bundle A :
Hippo Pearl = 220,000 IDR
Hippo Epic = 175,000 IDR
Hippo Safari = 140,000 IDR
Bundle Special = 350,000 IDR -> HOT

Bundle B :
Hippo Epic Sparkles = 120,000 IDR
Fiio E3 Amplifier = 100,000 IDR
Bundle Special = 195,000 IDR + get surprise bonus…

Have fun guys…:)




~ by jaben on January 12, 2010.

7 Responses to “Grado SR60i Special & Student Special…!!”

  1. hey i came by to jaben store at PTC (surabaya) today, n seriously the headphones n earphones u have r perfect!!! they really opened my eyes n made me see that music isnt only about playing music but also listening to the music itself from a different perspective.. thanks alot JABEN!!! thanks to alvon n dimas… thanks alot guys…

  2. Hi! I was just wondering if it is possible to order the Grado bundle on-line?

    • Hi….this bundle is made for Indonesia area, if you live within Indonesia area we can deliver to your place…let us know then…

  3. bro,jual pads untuk igrado ?

  4. I stay in surabaya,where can i find your store at surabaya,and your phone number.
    I’d like to ask another headphone brand to your’s store.Tks & Rgds

    • Hi….please contact : +62812-3000-2005 (Alvon)…Jaben Surabaya is located in Pakuwon Trade Centre (PTC)…see u there then…

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