Surabaya Head Jam 2009

What is Surabaya Head Jam? Basically it is an event where people can gather around to meet and have fun. Surabaya is the second largest city after Jakarta. And portable audio fans in Surabaya had grown rapidly since Jaben started “poisoning” the first time (somewhere back on March – April 2009).

This event was held on 8 August 2009 in a cafe called De Boliva Cafe Surabaya. There were around 50 people came, which was good enough for the first portable audio event ever held in Surabaya.

Special things came true when Uncle Wilson himself showed up on this event which totaly rocked this event. We had so much fun there by having many products to be tested, games, tuna sandwiched, lucky draw and even national newspaper coverage…

Lucky draw and tuna sandwiches were the highlight of the show. It’s true when Uncle Wilson said one will never enough for tuna sandwiches. At first people were quite shy to try (typical Indonesian culture)…But once tried, the would never stop eating…

Lucky draw was contributing so much fun as well….We had Martini, Quattro, Bijou, MS-1i, Livewire3 (yess…no kidding!!!) for giveaway..And the winner of Livewire3 was a lady…All the guys offered her “bribes” to exchange her prize, but she wouldn’t let go (nice decision from her)…

Let me post some pictures since they indeed speak a thousand words…enjoy….

Uncle Wilson is giving an introduction

Alvon is giving an introduction



Table of Truth

GoVibe Family (back then)

Tuna Sandwich…yummy

Lucky Girl

The crowds

Newspaper Coverage – Jawa Pos

More comments from participants :


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