Jaben Blog Again – Jaben Indonesia

It’s been a while since we had fun with this blog. And it’s just the right time to start it again and have more fun again…

Btw to start I’m Alvon, I’m running Jaben Indonesia which currently resides in Surabaya…yeayy!!

Surabaya is the second largest capital city in Indonesia. It’s not as famous as Jakarta or Bali, but it’s more quiet and less traffic jam. It’s a metropolitan city with numerous malls and places to hang out and have fun…

So how’s actually this Jaben Indonesia starting….It’s a matter of luck and fun for short actually…But if I’d just said so..then it will not fun to read…:)

I love earphones and headphones from the beginning. Back when I was on Singapore for study, good earphones always been my passion. It was starting from Mylarone X3, then went to Mylarone XB, Westone UM1, Westone UM2, Westone UM3x and stop…haha!!

After I graduated from Singapore, I went back to Indonesia and worked as professional there. It was ok as starter, but once I reached about 1 year of working, then I was thinking that I want something more…I want to have a job that I enjoyed doing it, my own job where I can have fun in it. So I was looking for something challenging, something interesting which can be implemented in Indonesia. So I was thinking to myself, why don’t I try to sell earphone?

So I was calling my beloved Uncle Wilson back then…Errr, somewhere around March 2009. I told him, hey Uncle it’s quite interesting to sell earphone here, as it’s difficult to find a decent one here. So after some bla…bla..blaa, I started small with some Bijou, some UM1 and some UM2…It was purely a market testing back then….I didn’t know what to expect back then…

So it was running surprisingly well…More demands from customer and market was increasing beyond my expectation.

I did from online selling mostly btw and had strong bonds with some customers…So somewhere in August 2009, my Uncle Wilson and me was sharing an idea of having a gathering…Something bigger than usual…So we planned carefully, made some lucky draw, planned for invitation, bla…bla…bla…That’s what we have then : Surabaya Head Jam 2009….I’ll tell you guys later about this Head Jam thing…

So from August till now (October 2009), market was increasing again and Jaben name was better known lately. So here I am sitting again on my desk with Uncle Wilson in front of me…We’re planning so many fun things for future..

More to come….


-Jaben Luvs U-

p.s :

How to contact me :

– Name : Alvon Yulius Harianto

– Phone : +62812-3000-2005 (call/sms)

– Email : alvon@jaben.net

– MSN : alvon_19@hotmail.com


~ by jaben on October 7, 2009.

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