Senn’s are in…

Hi Everyone,

We’ve got some Senns today, not everything but we do have the nice ones.

Rgds, Wilson


~ by jaben on September 6, 2007.

6 Responses to “Senn’s are in…”

  1. I want the HD650 but i do not have the money now…

    Soon though 😦

  2. how nice…?

  3. Hopefully you will get some discontinued 580’s :). Oh btw Wilson…you got mail again :P.

    Jaben: I do have a 580 Jubilee, with a low serial no. Mail… OK, I will get to it tomorrow… 😦 , you know why, right?

  4. OOoooh. Jubilee’s are awesome.

    Too swamped with people? :p Or is it something else more serious?

    Jaben: Kevin, thanks… I was looking for the right word… Jubilee sounds good… Hehe, what could be more serious? 🙂

  5. the 580 Jubs?!?! ARGH!!! I want I want!! Still up for grabs?

  6. UNCLE WILSON! Sob I’m so terribly sorry for not being in touch! *damn sheepish now*

    Anyhow, I’m coming back to Singapore for a week (midsem break) this Sunday! I REALLY hope I can drop by at Jaben’s (need to sample some noise-cancelling headphones, details when I meet you). I can’t wait to see you again!!

    Take care and eat more :p

    Jaben: Hi Sheila.. Thanks, we wil be expecting you. BTW, there’s a bit more activity in the forum, . Err… you found that elusive salted fish pickles?

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