The Corda Cantate is here…

Folks, the Corda Cantate is here… you want USB and Standrad RCA inputs… well here you are.

cordacantate_s.jpg  oops.jpg

For more, visit


~ by jaben on September 5, 2007.

6 Responses to “The Corda Cantate is here…”


    It looks really beautiful. Isn’t this a slightly watered-down version of the Opera?

    Jaben: Maybe stripped-down, but watered-down…

  2. Wow..i am starting to see better stuff coming.

    Now i am waiting for that special one that i will break my bank 😦

    Jaben: B52 ?

  3. But B52 not only break my bank

    i think i need to rob a bank for me to afford that.

    Joking of course

    Jaben: Well I would not advice it, but if you do, then make sure they let you bring it in. All that quiet and solicitude is great for listening.

  4. I hope University gets me a well paid job at the end of it…

  5. I take back what I said about the Cantate. If it sounds this good, the Opera must be incredible (and the B52, beyond words).

  6. It does look nice. How much is the Cantate?

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