Senn Connectors… Recabling your Senn…

The nice thing about the Senns are you can recable them. What you need would be the connectors. With the connectors, you could experiment with different types of cables.

The connectors we have are made of hand-made of ebony wood and silver and it is a beauty.


Visit the forum for more …


~ by jaben on August 22, 2007.

5 Responses to “Senn Connectors… Recabling your Senn…”

  1. Nice! Doubt if I can use it on my 540 though…

  2. been looking for these for so long. where on God’s green earth did u find ’em?

    Jaben: God’s kind to us… 🙂

  3. I recabled my HD650’s with a Cardas cable. Wouldn’t mind trying alternatives though.

  4. how much is it? can you make it smaller?

    Jaben: email us,

  5. i emailed jaben about these plugs… i just hope the price of these sexy plugs go down soon. ranting over.
    happy holidays, everyone!

    Jaben: I like your rant… OK, Be patient, we’re getting the elves to do their darnest to get the prices down… Hang in then. BTW, do visit the forum,

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