If you have problems registering on the Forum, please so this…

Hi Everyone,

If you have problems registering on the forum, use add in a comment to this topic.

Put in your prefered nick and we will register you. You will be given a default password and you can change it on your own.

Nobody will see what you post as your submission to this thread will not be made public.

Rgds, The Jaben Team


~ by jaben on August 5, 2007.

20 Responses to “If you have problems registering on the Forum, please so this…”

  1. register

  2. hey man count me in

    Jaben: Done, you got mail…

  3. Register for the forum.

    Jaben: You got mail

  4. Hi Wilson,
    I have registered in the forum but was unable to reply in the thread.

    Jaben: Which thread… a couple are locked for maintenance… try writing in Off-Topic and see what happens. Jaben Loves You, so you must be able to post. 🙂

  5. hi wilson, i have registered but was unable to reply in the thread

  6. How about me?

  7. BK aka Doggie Howser in forum 🙂

    Can’t seem to get access to some parts of the forum like this one:
    Amplifiers: Desk-Bound & Portables.

  8. Alright i have managed to do my first post, thanks Wilson.

    I love Jaben too 🙂

  9. Same unable to post in any part of the forum

  10. I register already but not yet approved i think.

  11. Hi there, you stated you have register for me with worldbreaker…

    Jaben: Hi You are registered… have sent you a new mail…

  12. Hmm I seem to have submitted registration but it somehow does emails me???

    Jabwn: Shawn you are registered some time back… try again, if you cannot log in, please email us… adelphi @ jaben.net (remove space before and after @

  13. Doesnt I mean sorry for typo error~

  14. Cool~ Thanks jabwn~ Or u meant Jaben??? Hah thanks nevertheless…

    Jaben: 🙂

  15. Preferred Nick: ….

    Jaben: Seems you were sucxessful in regiostering yourself…

  16. I want to be aproved… 🙂
    off topic: Damm… nice job on the forum m8.

  17. Awaiting confirmation …Le Criminal

  18. Also want to register too:)

  19. Can i join too? xD

    Jaben: Of course… do you have problems registering… if so, email me… adelphi@jaben.net

  20. Hi, can I join too? My preferred Nick is heatblast360

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