Fubar 2 is in…

The Fubar 2 is in… limited stocks


Use you computer or laptop as the source… with the Fubar 2, you will get awesome sound. What is nice about the Fubar is… no drivers are required.


~ by jaben on August 5, 2007.

12 Responses to “Fubar 2 is in…”

  1. external soundcard?

  2. Great and cheap external DAC in my own opinion

  3. Uncle I’d actually like to ask if there’s any product that only outputs the sound directly from the source without interfering with it like the fubar. aka USB->Output jack. I’m interested in finding one.

    On a side note, the “volume control” dial for my creative speakers have died so I replaced it with my miniBox-D. Interesting sight to behold.

  4. Have you got a Fubar 3 yet? ,

    Jaben: Yes…

    Is this the same as a Fubar 3 but no dac by any chance?

    Jaben: It’s a Fubar 2 plus an Amp all-in-one

  5. Havent got to try fubar2 yet, uncle poisoned me with fubar3 :X

  6. Are the spitfires here yet? Still haven’t gotten the full set. =)

  7. Use you computer?

  8. wait till u pair it with a diva amp …. heaven u shall be.

    Jaben: Hi… I think you won a prize… check the Forum… http://jaben.net/forums/index.php?topic=64.0

  9. I tried it out and YES its a new temptation. Beats the crappy headphone out of my laptop flat.. now if only I had more $ 😦

  10. alamak.. now only i realize i won something from uncle wilson. Its been a while i log into anywhere.. Will drop by this weekend. BTW, Happy Independence days to all fellow Singaporeans. Cheers.

    Jaben: Since it has been held for you… we deserve another salt-fish, no?

  11. yes yes.. ill get bigger one the next time i go home.

    Jaben: We love you !!!

  12. I found a fix for Vista stuttering for audio (any audio, external USB even internal embedded soundchip_. Disable the WLAN. Not an ideal solution (esp if you need wireless connectivity) but it is a fix, nevertheless.

    Jaben: Interesting… Thank you…

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