1st July ’07, Mylarone XB Winner…

Today’s winner is Kishua… please drop by and pick up your XB. Email us and let’s agree on a codeword as we will not know who you are.

Thanks for joining the forum.


~ by jaben on August 1, 2007.

13 Responses to “1st July ’07, Mylarone XB Winner…”

  1. thanks for having the forum up too 😀

  2. Does the “opening” of the forum mean that this blog will go dead slowly? or will it still be as active as before?

    Jaben: It serves a different purpose… both will run concurrently and we shall see how things turn out…

  3. wooo weeee

  4. Now i dont want to post this as last time i try to point out an error there was a reason for it 😛

    Do you mean 1st August ’07 or is there a reason lol

    Jaben: Ooops, did I make a boo-boo?, where? Anyway we are having a draw everyday for 7 days.

  5. hey wilson hope you still have um1 !!! im gonna come down and get them once i get my pay !!!

    Jaben: We will keep one for you… I’ll hide it… 🙂

  6. so lucky! congrats!!

  7. The boo-boo is in the title!

    so there will be 7 lucky lucky people :p

    Jaben: Errr, I’m a little thick today… how so? mmmm… hey you really got me this time…

  8. 1st AUGUST

    Jaben: Ouch… Mucho Gracias…

  9. you have put July in the title….

    Its august today 😀

    & the 7 lucky people because of the 7 day raffle 😛

  10. Hello,
    Have registered at forum but found self not able to post. Please assist…

  11. Hello again,
    Am able to post now. Thanks!

    Jaben: 🙂

  12. oooh very lucky…waiting for mine :P…btw you got mail again Wilson!

  13. Been away for barely a week and all sorts of good things pop up. Will be visiting regularly now that my broadband’s been set up!

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