An-Apple-A-Day… how about A-Mylarone XB-A-Day… read on…

I started with a spiel… then it just got longer and longer and decided to scrap it totally.

To make the story short… starting tomorrow for 1 week, we will be giving away one Mylarone XB a day. How to qualify? Register as a member. Draws will be held daily and the winner will be notified.

Where to register: Go to


~ by jaben on July 31, 2007.

20 Responses to “An-Apple-A-Day… how about A-Mylarone XB-A-Day… read on…”

  1. chope! 😀

  2. What??

  3. i’m waiting!! 1hr 43 mins more to go…

    Jaben: Tell your friends about it…

  4. WOAHHOOO! Is this real? Where to register?

  5. how ??

  6. It’s the new forum! 😛

  7. thou shall wait for the moment to arrive ><

  8. yea. How?

  9. wa… so good? register register!

  10. yay waiting for approval! haha

  11. registered!

  12. what is the letter to register? i can’t read it at all,and i click to listen and heard KNPA,but its wrong..

  13. not sure if it’s my computer, i can only see a bunch of dots and none of the “encrypted” letters..

    anyone can help me register a username “darrenleow” with email add “”? thanks..

  14. registered already. Use the “Listen to the words” Well, seems kinda appropriate for a forums concerning the audio aspect of life

  15. registering… the system only allows audio… the picture is totally useless lol…

    jaben: If you cannot, then email us and state your preferred nick, you then log in and chage the default password.

  16. I cant register the forums even wif the audio.. always say incorrect. Please help me to register.. UserName xxxx email address xxxxxxx

    Jaben: Done… welcome…

  17. i’m having problems registering too…

    Jaben: Done…

  18. Signed in. So, where is my XB ? Curious to check its bass lines :p

    Jaben: mmmmm…

  19. Registered.just waiting for approval

  20. Only 2 more days to go. Quick, approve me. I want the XB!

    Jaben: You are approved

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