AE2 Amp… All Black… A beautiful chunk of metal and needless to say darn good…

I have always believed form and function goes hand in hand. There’s no doubt that the AE-2 looks very good, needless to say the sound too.

Feel the surface, check the joints, the machining… every part of it oozes quality. Need I say the sound is …

A new batch has arrived and it is waiting for you… Come and be happy…



~ by jaben on July 31, 2007.

7 Responses to “AE2 Amp… All Black… A beautiful chunk of metal and needless to say darn good…”

  1. Hi Uncle Wilson,
    not getting through to your email – can it be that my emails are being filtered to junk 😦

    Jaben: Hi San…. I’ll check my mails later tonight… ;-( , so sorry…

  2. “Come and be happy…” Haha what a way to say it. Uncle Wilson your temptation is too much!

  3. You have to stop with all this purdy products, i’m never happy with what i’ve got lol

  4. neither am i… grrrrr……….. guess i have to go again!

    Jaben: Email me with your preferred nick and I will register for you…

  5. i am more than registered. everytime i go your shop, i got to leave with something extra and wallet lighter! haha

  6. 😦 I miss Jaben

    Jaben: We miss you too… see you at

  7. I think I need to sell something before I buy this one… Anyone up for a kidney or a spleen?

    Jaben: Sorry for this late acknowledgment… I’ll buy your spleen and kidneys…

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