Huh… What?… What?… Push-To-Hear for SonyEricsson cellphones

Imagine… you have one of those SonyEricsson mobile phones. You’re listening to the music stored in that phone… the phone rings… you yank out your eaphones… yikes… it is a nuisance call. So you stick the earphone back again. Ring, ring… this time you decide you will not answer it… but it is your sweet young thing that was tying to get hold of you. A couple of hours later you realise it was an important call after all… now you are in deep trouble. Your date walked out on you… <sigh> now you wish there was a better gizmo that could have allowed you to answer the phone without the tedious task of pulling it out and putting it back again.

So, where does this lead to… how about a Push-To-Hear device for the SinyEricsson cellphones… well it’s here.


Mmmm… it’s all black so it may do no justice… we rather you drop by and test it.


<Big Grin> , Ok, the illustration may have been a little dramatic… 😉


~ by jaben on July 30, 2007.

4 Responses to “Huh… What?… What?… Push-To-Hear for SonyEricsson cellphones”

  1. Thats a very detailed scenario!

    Does it work on Sony and Siny phones 😛

    Jaben: Mmmm.. let me check…

  2. oh my~~~ didnt manage to look at it just now at the shop….. nevermind… will look at it next time i drop by =)

  3. i thought it’s included in most of those sony ericsson walkman phones?

  4. not the PTH function, only earpiece, answer/disconnect and microphone is included 🙂 only uncle wilson got the gizmos.. lol

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