CD Players… We have two very nice ones… presenting the Original…

Those of you who have been here will know we have been running all our CD’s on either our old trusty Marantz or the Revox. Something nice dropped in today. The super sleek and very nice Original CD players. One of them has balanced outputs and the other one is a nice transport. It’s that good and we’re going to retire our Tursty Marantz and the Revox.
We have both hooked up. One is to the Lavry and the other is to a Beyer A1 amp. Is it good?, well come and be mesmerized.

Mat, specially for you… Pictures:

a98_s.jpg  a9-2_s1.jpg


~ by jaben on July 30, 2007.

9 Responses to “CD Players… We have two very nice ones… presenting the Original…”

  1. wow the one on the right is stunning, thank God i am moving away otherwise i would have to sell more stuff to buy one lol

  2. Two gorgeous looking players. Hope they sound as good as they look. I wish I was in the same country as you so I could stop in and enjoy all these new toys with you.

    Jaben: Oh, you don’t live here… 😦

  3. my my….

  4. My Ears are burned by those 2 CD Players….My wallet will soon too… the way, they sound like heaven….now need to source for additional income.

  5. boy oh boy… more stuff to break the bank

  6. i saw the Original myself and man, what can be cooler than that thing!

    Jaben: What can be cooler… mmm… another Original… 🙂

  7. i saw the players and dared not touch them for fear of my wallet. peanut butter sandwiches till christmas?!?!?! oh no!

    Jaben: Oh yes! 🙂

  8. More poison!

    tested it and the sound is wonderful

  9. how much is the 2 cd player ?

    Jaben: Call us…. Tel: 6337-0809

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