Tuna Sandwiches… Today … Friday the 27th…

Hi S…

Since you did not see it… here you are… BTW, it was announced on the Westone Thread…  There’s bread and the tuna fillings… and don’t forget… lots of tuna perished so you can have fun. So come and get it.


~ by jaben on July 27, 2007.

10 Responses to “Tuna Sandwiches… Today … Friday the 27th…”

  1. Wheres my pictures 😛

    I fancy a tuna salad now, I might go make one!

    Jaben: It’s a little “secret” … I’ll show you when I’m there someday… Pssst… you’ll get mail later.

  2. I cant make it today attending another birthday bash 😀 Have fun on one of the few days you don’t have to be poor to be happy hehe..

    Jaben: Thanks Nick… 🙂

  3. Ah… So tempting…
    You guys have fun!

    Jaben: We miss you 😦

  4. So tempting 🙂

    Jaben: Slurrrrp… burpppp… licks fingers…

  5. Hey Wilson, thanks for the Tuna Sandwich 🙂 Very delicious! Luv the UM1, really good sound isolation! Cheers 🙂

  6. Hope you guys had fun this week. Stuck at work on last minute matter. Next week perhaps

    Jaben: No worries, we kept some for you… 🙂

  7. driving lessons again… so sorry… i’ll try to switch them to some other day… haha! thanks for the um1 replacement!

  8. Thanks again for the lovely tuna. Kenny, thanks for providing the tuna!

    Jaben: R… there’s some more and it is now aged quite well… Sprinkle pepper befoe you eat…

  9. Greatest party jaben ever conducted !
    Awoke to have stiff and aching arms :X , I want those EBs >:)

    Jaben: Mmmm… 8 kgs… yeah, that’s quite a load…

  10. missed it this round at the last minute. bummer! let me know when you have your next round!

    Jaben: We made a lot and we have some more in the fridge… bring a container… we will give you many-a-scoop, come fast though… call? and we reserve, or you wanna pre-book? 🙂

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