Jake the Labrador… even dogs succumb to cancer…


Jake reminds me of a dog we had… she did not even complained when she was in extreme pain and we never knew. She just passed on.. it was a sad day for my mum and she refused to keep any more dogs after that. They do grow on you. And, I’m convinced all dogs go to heaven…

Ok, it has nothing to do with headphones but life is full of wonderful things about us.

Update: What was amazing about this dog of ours was, she was still chasing away all the sparrows that tried to perch on our fence the day she passed on. Strangest thing about this dog was, she adopted us. She just wandered into our home and staked the territory as hers… the rest as they say was history. In another segment someday…


~ by jaben on July 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “Jake the Labrador… even dogs succumb to cancer…”

  1. When my dog died it hit me harder than when i have lost close relatives.

    I am a real dog lover but due to my current circumstances i dont have one now as im going uni!

    the dog is a mans best friend cliche i know but it shouldnt be!

  2. Aww.. *hug*

    I am convinced that all animals go to heaven.

    Jaben: Thanks S… you are right and You da best!

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