Westone ES2 Cables…

Ok, so some of you asked, pleaded, cajoled, begged, threatened… 🙂

Well here you are, the E2 Cables with UE’s and some amps to boot…



~ by jaben on July 24, 2007.

30 Responses to “Westone ES2 Cables…”

  1. ooo the blue XO amp *drools*

  2. Lol i’ve just thought, is this to tease me after that email i sent you 😛

    Jaben: Who? Me! 🙂

  3. I certainly asked many times. But I was too polite to threaten. Maybe a reward for my patience? Haha…

    Jaben: Mmmm… polite threat… hey, is that an oxymoron?

  4. Yes that is an oxymoron 😛

    Well i’ve found the amp im having…

    Just the IEMs now lol, looks like $200 limit has gone out the window!

  5. Do you stock the red (black will do though!) super.fi 5 pro?
    how much are they, im stuck between the super.fi 5 and the UM2.

    Im definatly having the Blue XO though, how much is it though?

    Jaben: You’ll get mail…

  6. Choice made…

    UE Super.fi 5 pro and Blue C&C XO.

    I just need to know the price and what colours you do the UE in now 😀

    POOR but happy!

  7. Just got a pair of the cables yesterday. If only UE sell their IEMs with these cables. This made me all the more sure why I traded my UM2s for a pair of super.fi 5 Pros… the microphonics are much reduced and the sound is significantly better.
    some feedback though is that I have to crank up my listening volume more compared to the original gen 2 UE cables to listen at the same volume, but it really does produce more details now.

  8. So the E2 cable makes the UE sound better, Happy?

    i also read there is a wire mod where you just change the cables over. Left to right ‘phone and vise versa? and this is comfier or something? Is there any other worth while mods?

  9. That’s the flipside mod. It gives a lower profile and better fit for some people. Sadly, I’m not one of them.

    Jaben: N… , what color cable did you say you want?

  10. The cables are brilliant! Really much much better than the original UE ones. But only black looks nice the rest look well, ugly? Lol.

    Jaben: 🙂

  11. read about the flipside mod, but although it increases the comfort and reduces the profile, i find that it does not give me the sound i want.

  12. got a pair of clear ones as it fits my white SF5Pro better

  13. I settled for black since I can’t stand cables turning green on me. Can’t wait to get my grubby paws on them. 😛

    Jaben: Imagine… Tuna Sandwich… grubby paws… arf… arf… Stay Well my friend…

  14. does it helps to improve the SQ? or just coils better?

  15. There’s this guy on headfi who claims it makes his sf3 sound better than his sf5. Its all subjective. If nothing else, there’s less microphonics, coils better and reduce hiss.

  16. the SQ of the 5Pro’s improve with the ES cables.

  17. eh there were clear westone cables? Noooooooo!!!! I got clear sf5pros and clear would have been nicer. Oh well. And the SQ does improve quite a bit with the westone cables.

  18. Got the cables…much easier to manage than the stiff ue cables. Doesnt matter if SQ improves the cable. Management is well worth it!
    Btw, do any of you guys have to modify the pins? mine doesnt insert all the way into 5pro, i snip about 1mm off and filed them so that they can be inserted all the way.

    Jaben: Great idea Surge…

  19. The fit is very very tight on mine. Had a hell of a time trying to push the pins in. Great idea about the filing off though, there’s a bit sticking out. What did you use for the snipping, surge?

  20. pliers that hardware shops sell to snip wires. if you compare the UE and westone, the UE has about 1mm plastic cover( which is the 1mm gap) whereas the westone dont…yet the pins are of the same length. thats why i decided to cut some away..

  21. mine got inserted in by David. he managed to get it in after a massive amount of effort. maybe the pin should be snipped and filed like Surge. hmmm

  22. Snip snip it is then. Now to summon the herculean effort to pull the darn things out…

  23. hey uncle wilson, you ordering some more of this cables…would like to a black or silver as spares…
    (note: sorry about the ipod adaptor…will drop to return soon. 🙂

    Jaben: Nah, no problems… thank you… you are honest. OK, I’ll squirrel it away for you.

  24. i will skip the snipping part since it has been fully inserted and i do not want to risk killing my sf 5 pros… probably will not be covered by warranty.. 😦

  25. Do you still make those cable for UE ?

  26. I need cables for the Ultimite Tri Fi earphones. I ordered a westone have no idea if it will fit without a mod. I am sick of stock cables going shorty.. My girlfreind said that. Can you help?

    • Hi Mark,

      We have ES8 Cable which can fit to UE earphones perfectly without any modification needed.

      You can check on our online shop site to make purchase of ES8 Cable.



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