Westone Arrival… Westone Day… Westone… Westone…

Hey Guys,

Did you like the Westone… Westone… Westone… but sadly, the Westone 3 isn’t in yet. But the UM1’s & Um2’s are.

But here’s what is exciting… This Friday is Westone day. There are prizes to be won and some rather desirable and rare Westone collectibles and … TUNA SANDWICHES

Suhit… here’s your ES2…



~ by jaben on July 23, 2007.

21 Responses to “Westone Arrival… Westone Day… Westone… Westone…”

  1. How much are the UM1 & UM2’s?

    I fancy a set!

    Depending on which i can afford, on which im having! Do i get free sandwich aswell?

    Jaben: It’s the best Tuna sandwich ever… and I stake my reputation on it… FedEx delivery?

  2. Do you have cables for Westone EM2s? I’d like a set to replace the stock cables on my Super.fi 5Pro. And when will the Westone 3s be in? *drool*

    Jaben: cables are in…

  3. id be happy with the UM2 with the ES2 lol nevermind the UM3!

  4. sorry i ment UM56 in above post not EM2, was reading the blog as i typed..

    Jaben: The LiveWires would probably be a better choice, unless you already own a UM1 or UM2.

  5. I am tring to get custom iems for the cheapiest price lol.

    I thought going the UM1 + ES2 would be the cheapiest!

    Is it possible to get custom iems for around $200? dont really want to spend more than that, any recommendations?

    Jaben: UM1 + UM56 is not a bad combo, but for very little more you could get a custom 2 driver earphone.

  6. Finally! 🙂
    Poorer but happy!

    Thanks Wilson!

    Jaben: My pleasure… ooops! sounds bad huh!… 🙂

  7. will mine be back? pretty please? i’m yearning it for travelling to school, yeah, from tanah merah to boon lay ntu… school’s reopening on august…

    Jaben: Call me… 🙂

  8. Oh finally…
    Sorry uncle, gonna miss your tuna this week. Not to mention the lucky draws, been a long time since I’ve been to one.

    Jaben: Sigh… your loss…

  9. Sniff, no tuna for me. I’m in my home country at the moment.

    Jaben: No wonder… I thought you disappeared…

  10. I want tuna sandwiches too *sob*]

    Jaben: I will make one specially for you… hey… help me find this salted-fish pickles. It is a Malaysian product and it is in small glass jars. It’s made by an Indian food company, I think KL based.

  11. here make your own wilson! http://kuali.com/recipes/viewrecipe.asp?r=210

    Jaben: Ouch… from our own backyard, no less…

  12. YAY IT’S BACK!!! i can now be identified as burping boy! Thank you uncle wilson!

    Jaben: 🙂 , come this Friday… lots of Tuna Sandwiches and there are lucky draws…

  13. Uncle, I can help you find the stuff you want. Just email me the details.

    Jaben: Mucho Gracias…

  14. Uncle, I’ll be a bit late, but WAIT FOR ME… please…

    Jaben: OK… I will also reserve one tub for you…

  15. Kum Sia Kum Sia 🙂

    Jaben: For our foreign friends… it means “Thank You, Thank You”

  16. Thanks for the earphone! Enjoying it now. But wallet hurting badly haha

    Jaben: 😦 –> 🙂

  17. lol thanks for the drink too! sorry couldnt stay for the party lol.. quite wasted haha.. but gotta beat the crowd and return home after a week of army life!

    Jaben: Thanks for coming… but if you can make it tomorrow (Saturday) we still have lots of food squirreled away.

  18. Cant make it today again… so sorry about that. But will probably head down once its pay day after national day! To make myself a poor man again lol

    Jaben: 🙂

  19. Hey there.. I bought a UM1 from you today, and I must commend you on your excellent service.

    While talking about the earphones you mentioned it was made in China.. however the box & lots of websites state that it is made in the US instead, just for your info.

    Jaben: Oops! I meant that the UE is made in China… ouch, I communicated badly… 😦

  20. So you sell UM2s??? …

    Yes, we do… visit us at 04-16, The Adelphi or Call us at 6337-0809. Also visist the forum, http://www.jaben.net/forums

  21. uncle wilson! my UM1 broke off (the plastic cracked and gave way)…

    Jaben: Drop by… and do visit the forum… http://www.jaben.net/forums

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