LiveWires Hard Case…

LiveWires Owners, we have made special arrangements for you to own a HardCase. It’s a special and only for those who made the LiveWires recently. Included in the case is also a tube of oto-ease.

Ok, Ok… pictures, right?



~ by jaben on July 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “LiveWires Hard Case…”

  1. so we can only purchase it if we have ordered/brought a pair of livewires from you? Is there a limited amount of these?

    Jaben: Yes, these are only for those who bought the LiveWires… and yes, quite limited.

  2. Oh my. Can you reserve one for me? I probably go down on friday or saturday to get it.

    Jaben: Snake… is that you? Most certainly… 🙂 , come Friday, we have the fabulous Tuna Sandwich…

  3. hi uncle wilson


    Andrzej (eternality)

    Jaben: Hi Andrew, I did… I will forward it again… 🙂

    Also, our forum is up…

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