Introducing the mSeed Spirit…

The mSeed Spirit amp has consistently been on the list of high-end portable amps. It’s taken a while to hit our shores and now that it is here… all we can say is this – this is one really lovely good amp.

We don’t have that many to spare as some were already spoken for.

Zeus is still on leave so WallaWalla will present it again…

mseed_s.jpg mseed1_s.jpg


~ by jaben on July 23, 2007.

5 Responses to “Introducing the mSeed Spirit…”

  1. Nice looking amp,

    WallaWalla is growing on me πŸ˜› still he aint no Zeus!

    Ahhh man it runs off 9v batteries :(. There slogan made me want one. My C&C Box + amp spoils me with 80hour poly lith battery, i dont like replaceable batteries. DAMN

    Great slogan!

    Music is not heard with ears,
    but felt with the heart.
    Not sharp as swords,
    but smooth as silk.
    Not cold like ice,
    but warm like fire.
    Not fettered to walls,
    but free as the wind.

  2. I think this MSeed is probably to drive headphones rather than IEMs. The Hornet isn’t the king of endurance either.

    For IEMs, I guess the Tomahawk is even longer lasting.

    ps there are 9V rechargeables. The Hornet comes with 2.

  3. There is a setting on the C&C for IEMS AND headphones!

    You have to buy a modulas to charge the rechargable batteries, i’d rather just plug the whole unit into the wall rather than disemble it and put the batery to charge!

    Everyone to there own and that πŸ˜›

  4. tried the Mseed yesterday, unfortunately it doesn’t sound so good with my sf 5 pros… guess they just don’t have a lot of synergy together….

    Jaben: Oops… my bad… I forgot to set that to IEM settings.

  5. yup, it’s so much better this time round. got one home and it’s in the midst of burn in, the part about batteries and no wall wart or charger really hurts. on my 2nd 9V battery now, it’d cost me a bundle of 9V batteries, maybe i should have to source for it in bulk! ugh

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