MiniBox Amps… Now who says you have to spend a huge amount…

It’s Sunday… the start of another week. What better way to begin with another peek into what you can do with your music source.

Well, Zeus is still away on a holiday and WallaWalla is taking this opportunity to present the MiniBox amps.

There are 3 models, the CL, D & E.


Come and try them… you’ll be surprised that it is priced right.

Stay Well and a good week ahead.


~ by jaben on July 22, 2007.

4 Responses to “MiniBox Amps… Now who says you have to spend a huge amount…”

  1. I am very new to earphone amps. Also thinking of buying a new player soon. If I intend to use an amp, is it essential that the player has line out? Does it make sense to amp the already-amped headphone out?

    Jaben: Line out is the way to go. Amping a headphone out signal most times don’t work well. On some players, users have reported godd improvement. Come down and try it.

  2. HAHA at the bear sentence!

    Whats the dimensions of the E? I have only every seen the D version and it sure is purdy!

    Jaben: Will post it tomorrow…

  3. Thanks for the enlightenment. Hmmm, anyone has any good recommendation for a portable player with line out? So far I have only heard of the cowon x5 and imod. So that i can get into the amp game..

    golly, i think i’ve been poisoned.. haha, it’s all the mylarX3’s fault.. now I just feel like getting better and better stuff

    Jaben: Pop by and try the zMod and whatever amps there are… and yes, by Jove, you’ve been poisoned…

  4. uncle wilson, … the minibox and c&c and what would you reccommend for a good bass amp? i mean one with alot of bass….or are they event specific?

    Jaben: Drop by the store and try them out… 🙂

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