WallaWalla Presents The Mylarone XB…

Oops!, it appears that we never put up pictures of the Mylarone XB. Different color variations will be available soon.

Thanks Simon…



~ by jaben on July 21, 2007.

4 Responses to “WallaWalla Presents The Mylarone XB…”

  1. Has WallaWalla taken over The Jaben Bears’ job? 😦

    How good are the XB? Do they loose any sound quality like the Super.fi 5 EB did?

    What colour variations will you be doing? I might have to make a purchase if you doing simialar to the X3 range!

    Jaben: Hey, Zeus needs a break… Other details to follow…

  2. awww, when will the different color variations of xb coming out ? the other day i went, its still yet to come. cant wait man. my ipod needs a black one =(

  3. i asked about the different color variations of xb too he said in about a month & a half or so. hope its sooner my e2c shures didn’t sound as good as when i tried out the XBs ! need white to go with mi ipod.

  4. has the different color variations arrived ? can;t wait for it le =(

    Jaben: 😦

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