Toys… Life isn’t all about audio… meet my friend Derrick…

Guys, I want to introduce you to an old friend of mine who’s has this wonderful store selling toys that I love. Audio is something we can’t live without… but hey!, how about toys that will get you out in the open and have lots of fun.

Yes… flying machines… planes, choppers and gizmos…

Derrick owns the place and all you have to do is to mention my moniker. His web presence is

So guys, go have fun… be happy and poor.


~ by jaben on July 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “Toys… Life isn’t all about audio… meet my friend Derrick…”

  1. thanks wil! 😉 guys please mention wilson’s name while you are here!

  2. I play with a different type of toy, but I could make use of a motor.

  3. I came back to review my comment, it seems wrong. I better clarify that my so-called toys are figurines and the motor is for a spinning ornament in the works.

  4. LOL yup glad you clarified it! Cool stuff he has!

  5. Im glad you cleared that up LianYL as i was woundering 😀

    Thats something i have never owned, a RC toy. Oh my childhood was bad 😉

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