The Origami Headphone company… AD1000 Special

It’s Thursday… I just don’t believe it. The week is almost gone… who ever said time flies must have been an aviator.

I’ve always thought of Audio-Technica as an origami company… putting back the headphones in the box is so painful, ah well, I suppose it is meant to be used not kept in the box. But, drats… I’ve gotta put them back and I absolutely dislike doing it.

Anyways, how about a very limited special… An Audio-Technica AD1000 + Firestone Beyond amp at an unheard of price.

Of course Mat will bug me for pictures, so Mat, here’s Zeus or should I call him WallaWalla (sounds Australian) with the AD1000.

a1000_1s.jpg a1000_2s.jpg a1000_3s.jpg

So there you are, a nice headphone with a nice amp… now all you need is… hehehe… more stuff… my my I’m bad.


~ by jaben on July 19, 2007.

11 Responses to “The Origami Headphone company… AD1000 Special”

  1. πŸ˜€

    WallaWalla, i like it!

    I dont know how you do it, i know i dont need no more equipment but the more and more i come on here…

    Jaben: Well, I like making people happy… Dont you want to be… ?

  2. Because you’re BAD, you’re BAD, you know it..

    Jaben: Theodore will be upset if he knew you said that to me… 😦

  3. I’m just dying to ask what’s the special, but I’ll keep that till the day I can bring down a big fat wad of cash and make us both happy.

    Jaben: πŸ™‚ , my man… I like that. Stay well and all the best with your endeavours…

  4. Ooo Sounds nice Wilson…. got to find time to go down. Never heard them before. Have a feeling they are going to make me turn pale(hyperventilation) from excitement!

    Jaben: πŸ™‚

  5. Oh i do want to be happy…

    Just not poor as well!!!

    Jaben: Mmmm… the day cometh…

  6. hi! i’m here just to say hi n thx for yesterday! but i’m not really interested to audio hardware(?)(sorry if any of u got offended…) it’s my brother who wants all that thing yesterday, but he’s not coming so i’m buying for im.

    Jaben: We’re not… πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, Err… , sorry to say this: though koalas are often called as “koala bears”, it is not a bear but a marsupial.

    Anyway, I think WallaWalla is a nice name for the cutesy little fella.

    I am happy and poor, poor but happy. But I want to be happier but not poorer, can? Lol.

    Jaben: I’m sure it is possible… now let’s see how to do this… errr… Gee, I don’t know. Hey guys help!!!!

  8. Get him to do the headphone contest! He may win the headphones, therefore making him happier but not poorer!!


    Jabe: Yes, hey Tris… you’re listening…

  9. Yes I am listening, I am pretty comfortable with the cans I’ve got but not quite so with my current amps… hmmn, the “Move” sure seems interesting being an amp with DAC and crossfeed. Hope my funds are ready when it does hit our shores if it is good as it is currently known to be, unless any chance it is a prize somewhere… Lol.

    Meanwhile, I will have to think about headphone stands construction and designs. πŸ˜›

  10. the third place prize is an amp Tris πŸ˜€

  11. Wow they are nice looking headphones….

    πŸ˜€ ;D πŸ˜›

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