MSPros are available…

Come Ye Mortals… come savor the almighty woodie MSPro.

Mmmm… was that poetic enough? There are very limited arrivals…



~ by jaben on July 17, 2007.

12 Responses to “MSPros are available…”

  1. Pictures, pictures, pictures…


    Jaben: Ok, Ok, Ok… later…

  2. 😀 cheers!

  3. Am so loving the MS Pros 🙂 Thanks Wilson.

    Burger King *burp*

    ps Hey, how come I didn’t get the bear in the box? 😉 *kidding*

    pps the makeshift mini stereo jack doesn’t quite fit securely. Can’t wait for the official unit.

    Jaben: Bear !!! nah… they are happy here… they don’t want to leave 😉 , Official unit will be here next week.

  4. my my… poor i can be, bread and salted fish i shall have the whole week.

    Jaben: Bread and salted fish… mmm… strange combination. I would have thought it would congee & salted fish.

  5. any unheard price for these woods?

  6. Hubba hubba

    Jaben: Hubba Hubba… what’s that?

  7. Hubba hubba is.. God, how can you not know?? OK give you an example: guys might exclaim “hubba hubba” when they see a hot girl.

    Jaben: So what do gals say when they see a hot hunk?

  8. if i see hot girls i give them bears..

    Jaben: Is that why you want to steal my bears all the time?… wait till I squeal on you… your lady will have you salted. 😉

  9. Used to have a whole bunch of bears in the back seat of the car (strapped in with seat belts to boot) 😉 But my other passengers complained. Wish I could have kicked the other pax out 😉

    Jaben: Probably should have… 🙂

  10. Well.. I drool

    Jaben: You better have napkins or else it will droop all over the floor… Hey! Val dropped by…

  11. looks cool..hope it sounds even better than it looks =)
    i’ll drop by this few days and hopefully will not be tempted by it.. =p

  12. still waiting for it to be in. Uncle Wilson!!! spare us the agony and tell us when.

    Jaben: 😦 , I am trying…. I will annouce it here or on the forum…

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