Sissel/Harry Chapin –> Lavry –> ESI 05

We’re listening to Sissel through the Lavry and the ESI 05… it’s nice.

H… thanks, Sissel is nice. You can read more about Sissel here…

Update: We’re listening to Harry Chapin as this is written… I never get tired of listening to him. For those who have not heard of him, go here…

Ok, I’ll ‘fess up… many years ago, I would scour the music stores and buy every Chapin album I found, as a result I have a couple of duplicates which were never opened.

I remember when I was in new Jersey, I drove by Harry Chapin Ave., I think he was originally from that area.


~ by jaben on July 16, 2007.

6 Responses to “Sissel/Harry Chapin –> Lavry –> ESI 05”

  1. many nice things. Thanks for sharing.

    Jaben: Thanks too for reading, drop by I’ll let you listen to Harry Chapin… He’s good…

  2. will do wilson. will do. I need a break from my loooooooong weeks of work too.

    Jaben: Hey! bring your fav CD and try it with the MSPro… awesome…

  3. Don’t you just wonder what songs Harry would be writing today?


    Jaben: Good question, mmm… I wonder? This world has gone a little mad since his time. Which song is your fav?

  4. I first heard of Sissel back in 1998 I think, when she did a song with American rapper Warren G. The song was called ‘Prince Igor’. Its a rap-opera mix based on the Russian Polovtsian Dances by Borodin. It was never released in the US so its a bit unheard of, but it scored a no. 1 hit on many charts in Europe, especially Norway. To date, its one of my all time favourites… 😀 The music video is also fantastic. See video here:

    Jaben: Yes, I heard Prince Igor… Nice… but the one I really like is would be the Norwegian Folk songs. Some have asked me why I like Folk songs… well to me, folk songs are the root of all vocal’ed music. I especially like harvest songs. Yes, I love shanties as well. The last I heard was a couple of boatmen singing them on the way down the YangTze… errr… I watched that on the telly.

  5. hehe. Here is the original music from the Polovtsian Dances as performed by…err…. Anyway, I find it to be very folksy actually. Rather nice.

    Jaben: Mmmm… is it folksy because they were used in some film scores…

  6. So are the duplicate albums you have up for grabs? Lucky draw maybe?

    Jaben: That’s the “wicked” part… I want to keep it… but you can still buy them I think…

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