BeyerDynamic MMX-1, why it sounds so good…

It’s 7:46pm Sunday. All’s well over here and I trust it is with everyone of you. The audio show screwed up our timing somewhat but its now back to normal… I think.

This thread we will introduce to you the BeyerDynamic MMX-1. This is a USB headphone and it can be used with both Windows as well as a MAC platform.

The strength of this Headphone is… there is a DSP chip and that is why it sounds fantastic especially when you use it for Skype. In fact we use it all the time when we travel.

Here’s some blurb…


The MMX 1 headset is the perfect choice for multimedia applications such as voice recognition, Voice over IP, internet games, voice chat, video conferencing and other voice applications. The microphone provides a very good noise cancellation and high-quality speech reproduction. Furthermore, the microphone features a switchable gain of 20 dB which can be activated or deactivated via your PC. There are no special drivers required and the MMX 1 can be operated with any standard sound card. The headset has a USB plug and can be connected to each PC via the USB port and operated with one of the operating systems listed below.

PC: Windows® 98 SE (Second Edition), ME, 2000 oder XP
Apple: MAC OS 9 und OS X

You can also visit Beyer’s site…[showUid][showUID]=1821&tx_sbproductdatabase_pi1[showUid][backPID]=1551&cHash=eedc1fef75


Stay Well and have a nice week ahead… mmm… BTW, surprises are in the works this week.


~ by jaben on July 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “BeyerDynamic MMX-1, why it sounds so good…”

  1. Not that i’m interested in buying a set but does it work on vista? With it being a new headset i thought it would have been compatible.

    Just thought it ’twas a bit strange

    Jaben: Very observant… well they have to update that spiel… yes it will work on Vista too.

  2. Oh wow.. Argh I want I want I want!

    Jaben: Ok, ok, ok … but seriously, this is avery good headphone. I travel with it.

  3. can you help me with drivers for vista

    Jaben: For ??? what equipment… If it is the MMX-1, then you do not need drivers.

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