Two very rare BeyerDynamic products

Here’s two very rare products from Beyer.

A. The handcrafted MC833N microphone and it is available for a song.


B. Beyer DT102


Shall we give this rather rare headphone away? This Saturday at the show? Mmmm…


~ by jaben on July 12, 2007.

7 Responses to “Two very rare BeyerDynamic products”

  1. can i have the bear instead?

    Jaben: 😦 THAT IS THE JABEN BEAR !!!

  2. That bear sure is popular!

    That is one old looking mic aswell.

    Jaben: Well that bear has been to many places, seen many thing, met many people… 🙂 , no that is not an old mic, it is a handmade mic and available on order only. Normally, it costs a bomb, but this one does not… we can be very kind, no?

  3. If only you would open a store in Toronto, I’d go every week LOL

    Jaben: Toronto… mmm…

  4. I’d really like to see those old Beyers! They’re bigger than the bear’s head! Too bad I’m in America! BTW Uncle Wilson you’ve got mail!

    Jaben: Ok… so come here for a holiday!

  5. Yes you can be very kind 😉

    Your kindness has limits though! it stops at the bear :p

    Jaben: Alas… Tis’ so… But the bear is special. He’s been with us and have travelled to many countries… and my niece will kill me if he goes away.

  6. Well if your niece will kill you, i suppose thats a good enough reason 😀

  7. Ever seen the giant blow up beyerdynamic pillow headphones? lol now those are classic. I’ll try to find some pics if you haven’t. Theyre truly ridiculous looking lol!

    Jaben: I would be happy if you could… ooops… I forgot all about you… yikes… OK, I’ll email you later.

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