Introductory Offer… The Wireless Beyer RSX 700

We are so impressed with this product that we feel everyone should have one too. The audio quality is astoundingly good.

If you are considering a top notch wireless, it’s about time you try this out.

Regards, The Jaben Team


~ by jaben on July 6, 2007.

6 Responses to “Introductory Offer… The Wireless Beyer RSX 700”

  1. Looks v interesting. can email me the price? Many thanks

    Jaben: OK…

  2. Ooo wireless.. Email me too!

    Jaben: OK…

  3. They did look quite good. What is the price by the way?

    Jaben: You got mail.

  4. surely…the price is beyond my means…haha

    Jaben: O thou of little faith… trust the man who maketh thee poorer… 🙂

  5. hey,very nice to watch moive with it!

    Jaben: Mmmmm… (In a professorial tone) Don’t we know that !

  6. wooo.. very nice. i think i want it.

    Jaben: 🙂 It’s waiting for you…

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