An old love… I confess, Ms. Senn

I started mucking around with headphones way way back but the hustle and bustle took me away from headphones. A few years ago, I chanced upon the Sennheiser 414… voila, it rekindled old flames…

I was rummaging through my cabinet this morning and hehehe, I found 2 of them which I never opened.

Those of you who have never tried the 414, this is the headphone that made Senn famous, and you can come and try them.

Here’s some pictures:

414_1.jpg 414_3.jpg 414_41.jpg  414_5.jpg


~ by jaben on July 2, 2007.

17 Responses to “An old love… I confess, Ms. Senn”

  1. How times have changed!!

    Jaben: Strange… we were fooling with it a couple of minutes ago with some guys here and they liked it.

  2. What headohones would you compare the quality to now?
    Just to see how much the highend headphones of the past compare to todays market?

    Jaben: Frankly I don’t compare… they all have differing qualities. Let me explain my philosophy… suppose you were to get a copy of Maria Callas’ recordings. You will find that most of them are mono. So the question is… would anyone want to compare that recording of that era with a modern recording? Or should one just enjoy it. I don’t know if this illustration translates well…

  3. No I understand. Makes sense really, all headphones have there own signature.
    Maybe a better way of ‘comparing’ would be to state what league you would put them in now.
    I love to see old school musical products! Being able to see the evolution of products fascinates me. Strange I know 🙂

    Jaben: Fun league… something I could just out on my head and listen to without getting too critical about.

  4. Woah. Orange foam. I think I have REALLY old RED foamed sanyo lying around the house.

  5. they are …. imba 😉

    Jaben: You got me there… what is imba ?

  6. ^ditto what jaben said lol

  7. wonder what else is hiding inside ur closet huh?
    Jaben: Salt-fish… 🙂 & … in due time…

  8. imba is = something unbalanced , something better than everthing
    this slang is popular in warcraft 3

    Jaben: Thanks, I learn something new everyday !

  9. What a very true cliche that is!

  10. and the mono recordings are likely to be more musical anyday! “stereo” was the first audio marketing term.

    Jaben: Mmmm… how interesting…

  11. They look really pretty

  12. They look like up-ended chocolate cups.

  13. I actually have a mint pair of HD-424’s that my dad bought new around 30 years ago. They still are in almost perfect condition and I use them a bit, although they are very hard to drive without a proper amp (which I don’t have now). The look nice, sound nice, and are very comfortable to wear. Just wish I could get enough power to them. Their 2000ohms of impedance is a bit more than my Grado’s.

  14. gary are you Thecrunge?!!

  15. Ohhhhhh I am. Way to call me out Matt.

  16. Nice pair of Cans that are a blast from the past.

  17. how old is this model?

    Jaben: This particular one is at least 10+, you can read more about the legendary 414… google for it.

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