UE Triple-FI… OK they’re in…

THe UE triple drivers are in. Some of you might remember that we had some rather exotic serial numbers. This time around, you will just have to concentrate on the earphone.


~ by jaben on June 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “UE Triple-FI… OK they’re in…”

  1. cool! I’ll come down on Monday to test them. Hopefully, they are more comfortable than the Superfis.

  2. Oh great, will drop by to pick them up next week.

  3. Hmmm, thinking about it, now that I know that they are just sitting there waiting to be picked up, I can’t wait. Are you open on Sunday?:P

    Jaben: You got mail…

  4. hi uncle wilson, mind to let me know how much this might cost?
    am ready to get startled =)

    Jaben: Hi Schiz… you got mail…

  5. Hey uncle. Love the super fi 5 pro i got today. Thanks.

    Jaben: Thank you too… Stay well…

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