Maya 44 USB, 4-in & 4-out soundcard…

Guys/Gals, here’s a bit of blurb…


MAYA44 USB is the ideal external USB audio solution for your notebook or desktop computer. With a simple USB connection, the MAYA44USB instantly adds a high fidelity, multi-connection audio interface to your PC. The MAYA44 USB is equipped with 4 output channels(via 3.5mm RCA jacks) and 4 input channels(via 3.5mm RCA jacks) along with S/PDIF Optical Digital Outputs. Headphone output (combo jack with Optical output) is also included to complete this fully functional portable audio solution.

For DJs, MAYA44 USB makes a great companion for ASIO based DJ software like BPM studio. The MAYA44 USB also plays back multiple tracks of audio from popular software synthesizers and samplers providing 4 individual outputs and inputs via ASIO driver.

For Professional Musicians, like the original MAYA44 PCI card, MAYA44 USB is the perfect match for music productions software like CUBASE, NUENDO, REACTOR, REASON, Sonar 2.2 and LOGIC.

The MAYA44 USB is the ideal portable audio solution for audiophiles, musicians, and DJs. MAYA 44USB’s compact design and the USB connectivity lets you take your high-quality, multi-channel audio projects on the road as convenient as your desktop PC.


~ by jaben on June 30, 2007.

One Response to “Maya 44 USB, 4-in & 4-out soundcard…”

  1. Is this similar to the Creative Xmod?
    I think i need more hours at work LOL need cash **blames wilson**

    Jaben: It’s different… this is used more for recording.

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