WESTONES… Thai Food… what about Thai Music… Our Thai Friends…

Hi Everyone,

Besides Thai Food, what about Thai musicians… these are friends of Jaben and we want to introduce them to you.

Visit their sites:

A. Suthiti Chaisamut (Studio Session Drummer, Ma-Li, The Caption, Friday,
Etc.) www.myspace.com/thecaptionrock (My Project band website)

B. Prajya Meebumrung (Zeal) www.zealband.com

C. Kaveekrai Muangsiri (MonoTone’s Guitarist) www.bequiet.co.th

D. Watanyu Niwatsaiwong (MonoTone’s Drummer) www.bequiet.co.th

BTW, They love Westones


~ by jaben on June 29, 2007.

5 Responses to “WESTONES… Thai Food… what about Thai Music… Our Thai Friends…”

  1. Under my own light is a good song. Not my style but it is good. The boy can sing!!!!!

  2. gah! I just want some delicious Thai food right now! The music sounds like it could be interesting im excited to check it out.

  3. sounds like a good time for a nice plate of lemon grass salad with a dash of kiam yu.. 😉
    Jaben: I think it is time to change your nick… SaltFishMan. For our foreign friends “Kiam Yu” is salt fish in one of the Chinese dialects.

  4. nah.. in good with russman

    Jaben: Russman, Thanks for the salted fish… BTW, I remember eating salted fish in Thailand a long time ago…

  5. Thanks so much Wilson

    and Thanks to like the song from The Caption, I will go back to studio for recording full album in September 2007


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