Mylarone X3 White & AT ONTO special…

Hi everyone,

Some of you insisted on having a white Mylarone X3… we listened to your suggestions and we decided to thank you all with a special.

You can now buy the special Mylarone/AT Onto at a very special. Come and check this out at Jaben’s store. There are many colors of ONTO to choose from.

my3_onto.jpg  onto_s.jpg


~ by jaben on June 27, 2007.

23 Responses to “Mylarone X3 White & AT ONTO special…”

  1. what’s AT Onto

    Jaben: Picture’s been added…

  2. opppsss…sorry…i just saw the picture

  3. How big is your shop lol, you have had new items in non stop, for the last week 🙂

  4. will the special be available to worldwide buyers through the website , or at maybe just the option for the white X3s 🙂
    Jaben: For the moment, it is only for local buyers…

  5. Wow the new white x3s kick ass!

  6. what the heck is onto, never heard about it.. GOOGLE AWAAAYYY!!

  7. Wow, when will these white Mylar’s come out for USA buyers?

  8. Yes, there needs to be a USA distributor! heh 🙂

  9. how much are these dope white earphones.

    Jaben: You got mail…

  10. Hmm, I live in Europe. Can I buy the X3 in different colors white, black with the aluminium ring,etc) over the Internet?
    Jaben: Yes you can… 🙂

  11. I just put in another order, any chance that I could get the ones I just ordered in white, I kinda forgot to put that in special instructions when I put in the order.

    Jaben: No problems…

  12. HAHAHAHAH at the bear!!!

    Jaben: That bear is rather famous… it’s the Jaben bear and he is on youtube. 🙂

  13. Ahhh thats the bear every1 wants!!!

    Jaben: Errr… No No No !!!

  14. 😦
    How about the link to the video insted then LOL?

    Jaben: 🙂

  15. HAHAHA living legend!!
    No promotion or anything, just the bear!

    Jaben: Yes, it’s the bear… hey wait… I will post some pictures about the bear later…

  16. Everybody did a little bit of promotion or something, but you just showed the bear!! Says it all about your style of shop!!
    Whats the bears name lol?

    Jaben: Mmmm… we never thought of that one… let’s have a name the bear contest…

  17. whats the prize…
    the bear 😀 (joke)
    I can’t believe how much you love contests!

    Jaben: Not The Bear… no no no… Yes, contests are great.

  18. different colors…i have warmed up mine. it sounds even better now…enjoy.ha ha

  19. hi wilson, i’ve been there so many times for the white ear phones. so glad that it is finally here….but pity I am not in town this week, could you kindly keep a set for me PLEASEeeee? will come pick it up in 2weeks’ time.

    Thanks a billion!:)

    From: the gal who comes in once a month (since duno how long ago…:P) to check on the availability of the white ear phones:)

    Jaben: Gal huh… Of course… 🙂

  20. what is the price for the White Mylarone X3s and the AT ONTO cans?

  21. how much is a pair of the white mylarone x3? am looking to get a set on Tuesday..

    Jaben: Drop by the store… you’ll leave the place happy…

  22. Hey oh..Wilson! How much is the set roughly? Sorry I can’t drop by soon, overloaded with my Final Year Project. Encryption is killing me, so have to ask u here or await thy esteemed Email 😉

    Jaben: Esteemed Email huh… OK, funny guy… you got humor. You’ll get mail.

  23. Thanks Uncle Wilson! Got thy esteemed reply! It’s contents have been seared into the memory. I will visit your Bear/Audio enclave ASAP! Cheers! 🙂

    P.S Sleep well Uncle Wilson 😉

    Jaben: Thanks buddy… you too

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