Mylarone Slogan/Tagline Contest…

Hi Everyone,

Here we go again. the prizes are:

  • 3 units of Mylarone X3, any color you choose.

The contest… submit your Mylarone Slogan/Tagline and the ones chosen will win get the Mylarone X3.

Closing date: 13th August ’07


~ by jaben on June 27, 2007.

106 Responses to “Mylarone Slogan/Tagline Contest…”

  1. thinking…

  2. Keep your friends close, keep your MylarOne closer. heh…

  3. Okay well here are a few i whipped up…

    I’m not sure if we were only supposed to pick one but if that were the case my favorite tagline would be…


    It’s catchy, meaningful, easy to remember, clean, elegant, 3 of the same consonant consecutively, does acurately represent my opinion of the Mylarone x3’s… And I reeaaaalllly want the white X3’s bad!

  4. donutboy, that is a cute one πŸ™‚ I like it!

  5. It’s a twist on a phrase everyone is already familiar with. Good thinking.

  6. maybe ? ” sound beauty’s from egzotic singapore”
    Pozdro from poland

    Jaben: Hi… glad to see you here… Take part in the contest.

  7. Mylar3!
    good sound in disguise!
    (in tune with the transformers theme,i love transformers!)

  8. “At the crossroads? Come jump on the mylar trailer.”

    I hope mylar is pronounced mailer!

  9. “MylarOne X3. To call it just an IEM is a pure insult.”

  10. MylarOne X3… connecting your soul!
    or a alternative…
    MylarOne X3… feed your soul!


  11. MylarOne… The passionate pursuit of perfecting sound.

  12. MylarOne…. The brand that make you say “Mai La” to other brands
    Singaporean style… hahaha

    Jaben: Funny… For our foreign friends, “Mai La” is an expression a a Chinese dialect which can be translated as in this instance as “Nope, not keen…”

  13. Here’s mine!

    “Good sound never goes out of style”


  14. Mylarone , bring out the life of your musics

  15. How about:
    “Mylarones are better than yours….”
    “Mylarone, get your own”
    I hope multiple entries are allowed :-/

    Jaben: Yes, as many as you cam… btw… You got something here… is that you?

  16. “Mylar who?”

    Jaben: Hey!, that’s a bummer…. 😦

  17. Hmmm
    1) Do your ears a favor, MylarOne.
    2) Pristine Aural Enjoyment, MylarOne.
    3) Discover details you never knew existed, MylarOne.

  18. 2 of them right off my head:

    “Paint your World with Mylarone…Sound Redefined”

    “where Senses merge into one…MylarOne”

  19. I have one! “The search for great sound is over with MylarOne. The One for you” Corny stuff.ha

  20. “When you’re at the Crossroads, there’s just no turning back.”

    Turn left, Mylarone Classics.. Straight ahead, Mylarone X3s.. Turn right, Mylarone XBs.. why would anyone go back to their iBuds? πŸ˜€

  21. How about a haiku?

    A forest of sounds
    birds twitter and lions roar
    in a MylarOne

  22. Another one?

    On the third measure
    there is a wrong note I found
    with a MylarOne

  23. is here any rules like : one slogan one person ? or any another rules

    Jaben: None… submit as many as you can,,,

  24. That five-piece jazz band
    I thought was four till the day
    I bought MylarOne

    Haikus are fun!

  25. “Mylars, brings your ears to heaven”
    arrgh ok.. i give up, im no good in slogans anyway.

    Jaben: Gimme my “Mui Heong”… πŸ™‚

  26. “Mylarone in your ear are like chocolate in your mouth”

  27. “Have you good mp3?, no you dont! you need that stuff!”

  28. “Like you that price? you will love it sound”

  29. hmmm…5 entries πŸ™‚

    1. Don’t Dream It. Feel It
    2. Hired, Wired, Inspired.
    3. Sheer Surreal Sound
    4. Crossroad, where sound and soul converge
    5. Melts in your ears

  30. Got another one… “Promise Her Anything, But Give Her MylarOne”… gotta bring in the ladies somehow lah..

  31. And one more before I go to sleep. This one came to me in the shower. LoL. Not exactly a slogan or a tagline, but just thought I’d post it up anyway….

    Oh how I love thee, Mylarone dear,
    Although thine eyes like pods appear,
    Thy body is so black and round,
    Thy heavy bass doth shakes the ground,
    Thy treble is so sweet and mild,
    T’would calm e’en the smallest child,
    And when thou speakest people say,
    I want thee, thy sound makes me sway.

  32. Here’s my next batch

    I like em all… πŸ™‚

  33. “Ave Mylar”

  34. “mylarone is a crossroad of … low price and mysterious sound”

  35. Mylarones: Cross roads carefully while using them!

    Mylarone: My One And Only!

  36. “Danger: too pleasurable to ears”

    “Don’t be caught with more than 15g of Mylarones!”

    wa too corny haha..

  37. ~Half the price, twice the quality.
    ~They make your prefrontal cortex melt.
    ~They’re just Onederful.
    ~Sleek and refined. MylarOne x3.
    ~Pay ten times as much, get the same.
    ~MylarOne x3. Show your passion for music.
    ~MylarOne x3. Let your eardrums relax.
    ~MylarOne x3. Try them once. Never plug them out again.
    ~Mylar x3. Onederful.
    ~Too bad you didn’t hear them yet.
    ~What could go wrong at this price?
    ~MylarOne x3. Like a angel taking a piss in your ears. (eh..)
    ~MylarOne x3. Buy them. Now. NOW I SAID.
    ~MylarOne x3. Relieving your ears.
    ~Relive your music collection for a fraction of what you paid for it.
    ~MylarOne x3. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better..
    ~MylarOne x3. Like baby oil for your ears.
    ~MylarOne x3. Like one fluid motion.

    More as I come up with ’em ;D

  38. ~MylarOne x3. Try them on, never leave them again.
    ~MylarOne x3. Jaben approves.
    ~MylarOne x3. Ever thought of changing from those iBuds?
    ~MylarOne x3. Makes your music sound that much better.
    ~MylarOne x3. Like a pillowfight mixed with honey and love. (eh..)
    ~MylarOne x. 3s love them too. (eh..)
    ~MylarOne x3. Crossing roads between style and sound.
    ~MylarOne x3. They make others look like an insult to your ears.
    ~MylarOne x3. Warm and onederful (/wonderful)
    ~MylarOne x3. Came out of nowhere, beating up the competition.
    ~MylarOne x3. You still rely on others?
    ~MylarOne x3. Audiophile or casual? It doesn’t matter.

  39. “You’ve never heard real music until you’ve heard it through MylarOnes.”
    “Experience real music through MylarOnes.”
    “MylarOne–bliss to your ears.”
    Will add more later when I think of them :]

  40. “Have some fun with MylarOne!”

  41. LOL and another…. πŸ™‚

  42. Make it a MylarOne

  43. “Music by Mylarone”

  44. “This is (sonic)satisfaction – that’s (my) MylarOne”

  45. “nutrition to your ears” lol πŸ™‚

  46. “Hi-Fidelity on a diet.”
    Who says good sound don’t come cheap. This slogan says it all.
    Btw, what does mylar mean anyway?

  47. Three more….

    “Mylarone: Music to the ears”

    “Our Mylarone beat last year’s Mylarone”

    “I see Mylarone in your future”

  48. “Mylarone are Zajebiste”

  49. MylarOne X3 – “Fine Listening by Design” or “Pure Sound by Design”
    “you havent heard anything yet”
    “audio luxury”
    “breathe sound, listen to your senses”

  50. Mylars; they will make you happy, they won’t make you poor!
    Btw how about a new model called “Mylar Dinosaur”?

  51. “Never again will I Cross Roads without my Mylarones plugged in!”

  52. Not Your ‘one’ Lar, but My ‘one’ Lar
    Actually, Everybody’s ‘one’ Lar
    EverbodylarOne, the earphones for everyone
    YourlarOne, the earphones for you
    MylarOne, the earphones for me

    Jaben: Hehehe… Not what I would call English but hey this is quite funny. For our foreign friends… there’s no way to translate this… it’s colloquial. Over here, there is a tendency to end a sentence with “lar”. e.g. No becomes No lar, go becomes go lar and it is so local that in some situations it is frowned upon. One would not be caught dead speaking like that with an important person… but within their own friends, it is acceptable speech.

  53. All the sound at none of the price!

  54. mylar, real music in your ears

  55. MylarOne… That will be MyLastOne

    Jaben: πŸ™‚ Das ist gut !

  56. Picture this… The Mona Lisa wearing it… The catchphrase: Mylarone’s the reason for the smile… Think of the possibilities, the American Goth farm couple, Scream, Van Gogh all with wide smiles etc… Don’t know if you have to pay to use the images though.

  57. “Mylarone: Happy but (not much) poorer!”

    Jaben: Hey!, that’s my line… hehehe… almost…

  58. “Mylarone. Sounds nice.”
    “Mylarone. Welcome to a new sound dimension.”

  59. beacuse your wallet should sound as good as your headphones
    when price is not an issue, either way…..

  60. “Mylarone Taste & Sound”

  61. “Mylarone: Jesus in an headphone!”

  62. “Mylarone: “Literal Eargasm””

    “With Mylarone, even crap* tastes better!”

    *can change into different foods

    “Mylarone: It’s what jesus would use.”

    Can other entries be in different posts?

  63. Mine,

    Or how about
    mai lar 买啦(as in, Chinese, and not Cantonese) πŸ˜›

  64. The Mylarone and only way to listen to music.

    Mylarone. Stick it in your ear!

    Give yourself an eargasm. Mylarone X3.

  65. music exclusively yours

  66. Mylarone, don’t blame your ears

  67. Mylars – best bang for the buck – simple and appealing imo

  68. The only feel come from the only sound

  69. I read somewhere that when coming up with a product tagline you never want to mention anything about pricing. πŸ™‚

  70. MylarOne–Where cheap meets quality ;D

  71. MylarOne–Where good sound meets your ears
    MylarOne–The IEM revolution.

  72. Mylarone-the sound that makes all go “Wow”

  73. MylarOne X3 – One driver, 3x the enjoyment!

  74. – i dedicate my ears

    – be in the audience

    – face the music.

  75. -the jewel in your ear; a reference to the line ‘like a jewel in an ethiop’s ear, beauty too rich for use for earth too dear.’ describing juliet in romeo and juliet.

    alternatively, plagarising the whole thing works too, if only cos its familiar

  76. The box is blue and the Case is red
    the sound will be wonderful, in your head!

    Mylarone X3 How sound should be!

  77. “If God is a DJ, he uses MylarOnes!”
    “MylarOne – for the cheeseparing audiophiles!”
    last ones
    “A good music player is not enough – go for MylarOne X3”

    “Dark make-up or ties and collars
    everyone should buy MylarOne X3 for their dollars”

  78. “Hi-fidelity at a low price”

    “The Sonically Super Sounding Sensations”

  79. “Under the spotlights
    Neither black nor white
    It doesn’t matter
    Do the MylarOne-Two-Three!”

    “The earphones that make you wanna taste the sound!”
    “The earphones that make you wish for two more ears!”

    Jaben: πŸ™‚

  80. Mai Lar! What? Mylar? Get it!

    Jaben: For your foreign friends… Mai lar is akin to “No Mate”

  81. mylarone….
    “respect required”

  82. Here’s what I came up with so far:

    “MylarOne, Pure Aural Pleasure”

    “MylarOne, Because You’ll Never Need Another”

    “MylarOne, Where Music Meets Mind”

    “MylarOne, Music as it was meant to be heard”

    “MylarOne, Because anything less is a travesty”

    “MylarOne, Any better and they’d probably be illegal”

    “MylarOne, Enjoy the difference”

    “Audiophile quality for everyone, MylarOne”

    “One goal, One passion – MylarOne”

    “The wonder has a name: MylarOne”

    “Once MylarOne, Always MylarOne”

    “The one and only, MylarOne”

    Jaben: Nice… very nice… πŸ™‚

  83. A few more:

    “MylarOne, Inspiration for your ears”

    “MylarOne – No, you’re not dreaming”

    “MylarOne – They’re just that good”

    “For the love of music, MylarOne”

    “MylarOne, Your ears will thank you”

    “Hear. Feel. MylarOne.”

    “Discover the world of MylarOne”

    “MylarOne – Feel the magic”

    “Noone does it like MylarOne”

  84. A different take on a previous one:
    “Hear the sound, feel the music. – MylarOne”

    And a few more:
    “When you say MylarOne, you’ve said it all”

    “Let your music flow – MylarOne”

    “MylarOne, Nothing will ever sound the same again.”

    “Image is nothing, Sound is everything. – MylarOne”

    “MylarOne, Your music as you’ve never heard it before”

    “Hear it, believe it. MylarOne.”

  85. Hey, were you able to see all the images I posted with tag lines written all over them? I must have said like 30 different taglines! πŸ™‚

    Jaben: Yes, I did… I was caught up with so many things…

  86. “mylarone x3, portable hi fidelity”

  87. “mylarone, better sound for everyone”

    ps. my email was wrong in previous comment..

  88. “really listen”



    “sound does matter”

    “stop hearing”

    “sometimes beauty lies not in one’s eyes”

    *crosses fingers*

  89. “mylarone, the mastery of sound”

    “aptitude and attitude”

    “more than just sound”

    “unbelievably good”

  90. “Are you missing out?”
    “Never been so good”
    “One way ticket to aural paradise”

  91. “stop hearing, start listening”
    “don’t conform, reform”
    “abolish aural trauma”
    “spoil the ears, spare the pocket”

  92. A few more:

    “There can be only one… MylarOne”

    “One standard, One vision – MylarOne”

    “One dream, One obsession – MylarOne”

    “One purpose, One principle – MylarOne”

    “One desire, One devotion – MylarOne”

    “One inpsiration, One objective – MylarOne”

    “One motive, One intent – MylarOne”

  93. Did you get my poster rough drafts? I sent 2 very different looking ones….

    Let me know so I can continue filling it with all the lines from this thread.

    Jaben: Yes I did… please keep filling it up… πŸ™‚

  94. Okay cool but which one though?? This one (up above), or the other one I sent? I guess it doesn’t matter. I’ll continue with the one above.

    Jaben: πŸ™‚

  95. c’mon guys! I know you have more!

  96. “the epitome of listening”
    “the sound of sound”
    “need better? need no more”

  97. “your music is alive, shouldn’t you be too?”
    “Discover your music, discover a new world of sound”
    “breath life into your stale music”
    “Free your ear and listen”

  98. “The look and feel of Simplicity. The sound of Perfection.”

  99. “pure audio bliss”

  100. “The perfect sound for the perfect you n me”
    ” Give your ears a break, Give it Mylarone”

  101. Want the sound in your ear and the noise out of it?
    Mylarone has the answer!!

  102. “MylarOne will always be the one”
    “MylarOne, where sound matters”
    “MylarOnes, Feel and Hear them…”

  103. Make a din, in the bin
    Take the best, beat the rest
    Mylarone, your only one!!

    Jaben: Post it in the forum…


    Hope i’m ok telling people to do so Wilson?

    Just after an hour and half straight of coping i want the rest over there!

  105. “little just got… BIG!”
    “little just got… BIG Sound!”
    “Take the Concert with you.”
    “Big Sound, Crisp Detail, Small Package”
    “Mylarone, hear what you were missing.”
    “Clear sound, To Go!”
    “Mylarone = Clear Audio”

  106. “mylarone, definitely my HON.”

    Jaben: Do go to forum and post it there… , thanks.

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