Firestone: Fubar 2, Fubar 3 & Supplier are in…

Those of you who wanted it.. come and get it…


~ by jaben on June 27, 2007.

5 Responses to “Firestone: Fubar 2, Fubar 3 & Supplier are in…”

  1. woo weee. does it mean i can get mine too?

    Jaben: Where’s my “Mui Heong”…

  2. whos the supplier? LoL I think you mean supplies?

    Jaben: The Supplier is one of Firestone’s product. It is a power supply that feeds almost all of Firestone’s product range.

  3. can it feed my fubar?. I dont dare to plug it in directly to the socket already. “mui heong?” haha.. “patience is the essence to all quality things in life.” … wilsons gonna kick me out of his shop again. 😉

    Jaben: It will feed everything…

  4. nice..will be heading there tomorrow 🙂

  5. burn.. burn.. and burn.. woo hoo. u saved me life wilson. my diva’s up and moaning..urm i mean roaring again… cheers.

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