Mylarone X3, 4 Variants…


So we listened…


There’s something for eveyone… right?

~ by jaben on June 26, 2007.

67 Responses to “Mylarone X3, 4 Variants…”

  1. OH MY…..

    they are soooooooooo nice! I love the silver and black X3 wish i had held on 3 weeks more before getting the x3’s lol

    Iv got a little tear in my eye lol

    Well its the sound quality that matters lol **repeats to himself**

  2. Wow…. *jaw drops

  3. Expletives deleted…. the white ones are good looking… if only i bought my x3 a bit later…. can exchange?????? haha…. really something for everyone…

  4. Looks almost edible

    Jaben: 😦 , Dont… somebody’s daughter tried it with his ER6 and it di not work after that.

  5. =.=’ any exchange? hehe…how i wish i bought it later

  6. just joking btw

    Jaben: πŸ™‚ , don’t worry, we always remember our friends… how about a simple contest. A couple of white X3 for prizes.

  7. Wow..freaking cool!! Is the color available as well for MylarOne Classic???

  8. yup ! white is cool…although i don’t really like the blue rings..
    simple contest?
    hopefully can be done over this blog πŸ™‚

  9. i cant seem to view the pic!! argghhh!!! this is getting on my nerves!! So when will the draw be for these delicious earphones? hee hee!

    Jaben: So sorry to hear you can’t see it… anybody else with the same problem? Err… contest, not draw.

  10. I’m coming tomorrow! my friend wants to buy a mylar 3 white !!!!
    I’m gonna try the Mylar classic also and the crossroad miniamp. I need get some good eartips as well!

    Jaben: Hi buddy, you got mail. Yes, we have most or all of what you want.

  11. seems fine ( the pics)

  12. I think most people will vote for the black and silver but I really like the black and blue and the white is very cool for a change… Actually, I LOOOOVE the white.

  13. Picture not working for me too…
    Can see it in the small box, but i click… it doesnΒ΄t show it…
    Hummm…Simple contest… sounds familiar:):):):)

  14. What web browser are you using G???

    Firefox and IE is ok for me…

    J/W if it could be that???

  15. Any chance of larger photos of each color??

  16. Wow… the new colors are beautiful. Torn between the white/blue or the full black/silver ones. But the thing is as people have said, it’s going to be hard to distinguish between the left and right.

  17. The white MylaroneX3 rocks!

  18. I think the white ones were an intelligent choice. Would be easier for the white ones to catch on with the ipod consumer masses.

  19. the black ones with silver rings (headfest prototypes) are gorgeous, i’ve always wanted one of those. i tried to paint my original-schemeX3 to that colour-scheme but failed

    Jaben: Join the contest… one coming up soon…

  20. in that case, how do we take part in this contest? is there gonna be a thread on this? or are we supposed to send in via email?

    Jaben: OK, a new thread will be opened.

  21. Does Crossroads have website that has all their full range of products? The one I found is pathetically limited…

  22. Awesome! I’ll totally get the blue and white one once I save up the money… How can we go about ordering the different colors from the internet? ;]

    Jaben: It wil be up on the site in a little while.

  23. uncle wilson, i’ll definitely be watching out for the contest!

    Jaben: It’s up…

  24. I have a question about the new twin-identical X3s (like the all black-silver ones). Are there some kind of left/right markers on the earpieces to distinguish them? Are the silver and colour rings made of metal or plastic? Aluminium maybe?

    Jaben: Yes, there are “L” & “R” on the strain relief. Rings are aluminium.

  25. Oh great dammit =X

  26. i would love mylar3 to have the same design like mylar2…with aluminium…just stunning

  27. weew… so many color choice of x3, sadly only CL is available here.. T_T n I but it T_T

  28. is the white one still available..cuz im coming down to get in few days time..!!

    Jaben: Yes…

  29. just wondering are any more mylarone x3-bks color available? the all black and silver rings…

    Jaben: Hi Mike, you got mail…

  30. thx gonna get it tomorrow noon..

  31. Any more x3-bks available?

    Jaben: Yes…

  32. Just got mine and am burning them with audiophile tracks. I’m so pleased I think I will order another pair to use at work… can I get more tips with those? I don’t need the big ones, only the smaller and medium.

    These IEMs are ruining me… after a bit of listening had to buy an amp too. πŸ˜›


    Jaben: πŸ™‚

  33. Hey you guys still have the X3 RB & X3 CL around? I’m looking for a second pair of IEMs my GF are using my Super Fi3 REDS :S

    Jaben: Yes… email us.

  34. Cool! I hear you guys are busy at some trade fair. I’ll try to drop by tomorrow! Thanks! πŸ™‚

    Jaben: Call first… 6337-0809 , thanks…

  35. Oh man, those all black and silver ones are sweet. My small inner goth is smiling widely. The music enthusiast in me is missing the X3s, though, hopefully they arrive soon.

  36. Hi Eugene,

    You got mail.

  37. Cool! im coming down tomorrow to get mylar classic and white x3. Is there still available for both of them???

  38. Im going to get a mylarone x3 in the weekends? Does anyone know whether there is still available stocks?

    Jaben: Yes…

  39. Thx uncle wilson for the x3 today..its cool!! remember me?? its me sylvester..dont get wrong in the calculation next just kidding..haha. dont forget im coming down next week to get th mylar classic..i give u a call then…ciaoo..

    Jaben: Hey everyone… Sylvester came back to the store and paid me after he found out that I underbilled him. This kid is gonna go places… if anyone one of you out there want to have a friend you can trust… this would be the man. Thanks Sylvester, I am most grateful.

  40. Hello uncle wilson. This is obi-wan speaking. Haha. Thanks uncle wilson for the X3 and the advice on drugs. AAHAHA. These IEMs are pretty good for the money. Kicks away anything in this price range, maybe even more. Doesn’t sound as nice as the ones i auditioned, but it’ll probably grow after burning in. Thinking of getting a mylarone XB. Its similar to this, but with more bass right?

    Jaben: Obi-wan!, Yoda told me you would be here πŸ™‚ , yes the XB is “Xtra Bass”… Let it burn-in…, have a good weekend.

  41. are the white ones in stock ?

    Jaben: Yes…

  42. Anyone using the Mylar X3 with a Corda amp? I’m using them with a Corda Move but even in low gain there is hiss. I can hear myself moving windows and scrolling down.. they seem to be too sensitive to noise… If the music pauses, I hear this nasty hiss…

  43. Hello uncle Wilson, do you have “Universal Fit Foam Sleeves” for MylarOne X3?

    Jaben: Yes…

  44. Hey uncle wilson, have the new stock arrive for the Classic and XB?

    Jaben: Almost… watch this blog… πŸ™‚

  45. Hi do you have stocks for the white x3??

    And what is the opening hours tomorrow?

    Interested in getting a pair but have a tight shedule tomorrow so only able to make it in the morning…

    Jaben: Hi Shawn, from 12+ to 8:30++

  46. Uncle Wilson, is the crinkling noise i hear when i put the iems into my normal? Will it damage the drivers?

    Jaben: No, Obi…, that’s the characteristics… it’s ok…

  47. Ohhh what a pity… Sob Sob…

    Jaben: Why?… White is available…

  48. Oh sorry for spamming forgot to include what about sunday??? Also 12+ to 8.30?!?!? πŸ˜€

    Jaben: Sundays, it is 3pm to about 6:30pm

  49. Cause cant be able to get it tomorrow … 😦

    Will try to get it on sunday if time permtis

    Hope to see you soon~ πŸ™‚

  50. Its normal? Its kinda scary. Haha. Its the sound of air trying to escape right? I’ll be going to jaben tmrw to get some bi-flanges for the mylars.

    Jaben: Yeap..

  51. …bi flanges…?

    Jaben: You’ll get mail…

  52. is mylarone x3bks and x3rb in stock??

    Jaben: Please call… 6337-0809

  53. hi are u open today afternoon?
    and do u have the white mylarone x3s available? thx!

    Jaben: Yes… BTW, visit the forums, and get a chance to win the Westone UM1 this Friday…

  54. hey sorry i spent so long at ur place today but didn’t get anything!
    just wanted to be really sure before i put my money on it haha. probably will decide to get something of a higher end. but the difference between my current ones and mylar3 really too little for me to wanna spend 65 for a slight upgrade..once again thank you for indulging me, will be back soon!

  55. btw the mylar3s that u let me try out today.. were they already burned in?

  56. Hey just got my white x3’s and absolutely loving it

  57. the x3-BKS still have stock? will be coming down later..

  58. Uncle Wilson, i recently found …

    Jaben: Hi Obi… You got mail…

  59. There’s no mail. How come? Can send again? Thx Uncle Wilson.

    Jaben: Oops… I will resend…

  60. Are there any white x3’s availible?

    Jaben: Yes…

  61. Interested in getting the X3-full black/silver one. can anyone notified me once stock it available? Guess i’m out of music for now. 😦

    Jaben: OK, but best to watch this blog or join the forum –

  62. are there stocks for the white x3? also, does the xb come in white?

    Jaben: Hi, watch the Product Arrivals in

  63. uncle wilson Crossroads Mylar X3 can change foam earbud?

    Jaben: yes… use the UE ones… come in, we’ve got them…

  64. Hello! i think i am becoming more and more interested in good sounds.. do you have any recommendations for pairing the X3 or XB with a current MP3 player like the Creative Zen (the credit card size thingie) or a current Ipod? Looking to get a pair of IEMs

    Jaben: Hi, visit and you will find very helpful members there. You could also pop by the store and have a run of what we have.

  65. Thanks for the info!

    WIll pop by tomorrow..

  66. Hi Uncle Wilson,

    Can i trade in my Mylar X3 for X3i?
    If yes how much difference i need to fork out?
    So for the trade in, i need to bring in the original X3 package rite?
    Are there any stocks for X3i currently?

    Hi Thomas,

    πŸ™‚ Yes, you can… btw, visit the forum

    Rgds, Wilson

  67. Hello,

    How can I purchase the Mylar X3i’s? I was told to look for a shopping prompt here, but I do not see one :(. Thanks!

    Jaben: Hi, please visit:

    * For shopping:
    * Jaben Forums:
    * Home Page to all links:

    Many Thanks…

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