Where I shop for cameras and related equipment…

I’ve known them for many and I mean many years, and I just purchased a camera from them. While there are many photo stores around, John 3:16 has always given me good advice and I’ve never made a nada-buy from them all these years. It’s not the biggest store in Singapore, but then that has never bothered me and the price is fair.

If you ever want to buy a camera, then look for Sam and tell him I sent you. You might want to use my nick “Uncle …”

Sam can be contacted at:

Tel: 6337-2877

Mobile: 9674-8664


~ by jaben on June 25, 2007.

12 Responses to “Where I shop for cameras and related equipment…”

  1. Agreed. I love John 3:16. They’re sincere and helpful and they’re not just trying to make a quick sale.

  2. Agreed too but i’m with MS Color and supplies from ruby and cathay LoL (i’m still on film gosh -_-“)

  3. John 3:16 would have more business from me if they had Pentax items. Then again, Pentax is not really popular in Singapore, and I have trouble getting their stuff in all the other popular stores…

    Jaben: Pentax has a long and chequered history… they seem to have faded away… so sad when they were the first SLR maufacturer to do the return mirror. It was sold in the US in the early days as Honeywell Pentax. The other sad story is Minolta.

  4. Actually BHPhotoVideo (US) would be a reliable place to get from online.
    They’re reputable but not cheap.

    Jaben: I used to go there years ago… I Luv NY

  5. I agree. Sam is a very helpful guy. Even to the cheapest item in the shop. In fact, everyone is a good fella there.

  6. Yep, most of my stuffs I bought at John 3:16, occasionally at TK Photo, but that’s mostly for bags.

  7. Any brand preference?

  8. Sam sold me the best digicam i’ve ever owned, the Ricoh GR-D. all his staff are nice fellas, never flinching even when their shop gets crowded. highly recommended dealer. kinda reminds me of a headphone shop…

    Jaben: πŸ™‚

  9. John 3:16 for the win !!!! excellent service. just regreted that I should have gotten a DSLR…

    Jaben: No need to regret, call me…

  10. Hey, Uncle Wilson..It’s me (how’s your new bottle of Tokaji? hehe) & i’m very satisfied with my new Blue Hornet, thank you!You know, I’ve always suspected a link between Jaben & John3:16? Maybe Cos both provides the Best services i have ever encountered.. by the way, Sam is my “Brother” too.. as well as my colleague’s as we both got all our gears from him.. Now we have the greatest shops to cater to all our Hobby Needs.. hehe..

    Jaben: Hey too… Errr… I’m keeping the Tokaji for a special ocassion. Mucho Gracias. I’m a little sad, I was meaning to keep the blue Hornet but then again, I’m glad it is in safe hands. so πŸ™‚ . Ah… John 3:16, yes, they are good people… did you know they were in Funan way back in the ’80s. Your “Brother”… then kindred spirits, good man. Thank you for your kind words… we appreciate it.

  11. What is your nick? Uncle?
    Thanks πŸ˜€

    Jaben: As you guys call me… Uncle Wilson

  12. I agree man. John 3:16 really goes all the way for service. They can be crowded, but its worth the wait. They are patient with people too. =)

    Jaben: πŸ™‚

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