June 24th – June 30th: A little sparrow whispered…

It is going to be an exciting week, and we believe there will be something for everyone to be delirious about.

Guess what they are and you might just win a prize… yeah, we’re off our rockers at times…

Warning… Thxx, you may not participate, that would be cheating… πŸ™‚

BTW Guys, I will not answer lest I let slip, but if you guess right, you will be notified.

25th June Update: Operation Portugas is sucessful… the eagle has landed.


~ by jaben on June 24, 2007.

20 Responses to “June 24th – June 30th: A little sparrow whispered…”

  1. New Mylars?

  2. More axes? Flying poisonous insects? Or another Bear.

  3. Westone 3?

  4. do i at least get a price fer suggesting a guessing contest? lol

    Jaben: Did you? mmmm… Are you’re the chap that is not allowed to participate?

  5. ue11?

  6. Ultrasone Proline headphones?

  7. any clue

    Jaben: Mum’s the word…

  8. mini-D amps?

  9. more Timbuk2 bags & pouches…..like the accessory case to hold your player….steve

  10. Perhaps some Alessandro MS Pros?
    Headamp AE-2?
    Xin or LaRocco amps?
    Whatever that will scar, burn, or nuke the wallet/make us go in debt.

    Jaben: πŸ™‚

  11. my guess would be the westone 3, or isit my UM1? isit back?

  12. An improved crossroads amp.

  13. Hmmmm well hmmmmm?

    A new bear

    Ice cream maker

    Hopefully audio techina ATH-M50

  14. Sparrow whisper??? You are getting better at giving tougher puzzles… hey I’ve yet to claim my last win, maybe I’ll accumulate… lol.

    Well my guesses (as it’s tough) this time:
    Mseed Spirit amp?
    Meier Corda Move?
    Minibox-E Amp? (Minibox-D and CL had been around already)
    Go-vibe V6?
    Sparrow headphone stand?

    Must be the next “be-happier-but-poorer toxic material” to wow people just hurry to pay for one and scramble somewhere to burn in and listen extensively.

  15. I’m guessing… not Alessandros, since they’ve just arrived… not RSA amps either…
    More AE-2? New Crossroads models? Colour change for the mylar3? Arrival of the Westone 3? Lavry DAC? Millet? New promo packages? Better tomato soup? How to eat vegemite toast standing upside down?

  16. hmmm..creative zen stone plus? πŸ˜‰
    seriously knowing our Unkle Wilson, it would be something exotic like the Kenwood DAPs or iPod stuff (RWA 5.5g/4g iMods, ALO lineouts) πŸ™‚

  17. Everyone delirious? As if we aren’t already??

    Oh well, my second guess is…matched limited edition set of X3 & XB & amp at a price that we can’t say NO to!!!


  18. Gmod? =)

  19. Denon headphones?

  20. How bout the much raved about Futuresonics Atrio M5?
    Ibasso, Xenos, or Meier amps?
    Mebe even the hideous bluetooth Ety 8 :S

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