Strida Folding Bike Lucky Draw….


Finally, the bike is up for grabs. 😦 , Only one person will win this. This is a folding bike and it’s a sight to behold.

All of you who purchased a Mylarone will have the opportunity to participate. Some of you who have purchased other items may also qualify – check with us. The draw tickets will be available this coming Friday onwards until one day before the draw. Draw date will be announced. Watch this thread.

Some of you asked for it… here you are… downloadable enrty form. Fill it in and then drop it at the store.



~ by jaben on June 20, 2007.

20 Responses to “Strida Folding Bike Lucky Draw….”

  1. Finally, the time has come for the Strider Bike to be up for the lucky draw! 🙂

    Jaben: Yes…

  2. Hummm… Can´t i be a part of the lucky group??
    Better not…

    Jaben: Why not…

  3. So I have a chance to win this bike, haha!
    Bought 2 pairs of mylarthree.

    Jaben: But you took my bear away so… Ok Ok, you can participate…

  4. Uncle is finally willing to part with his precious bike? Haha…

    Jaben: Truth be said… it was for the draw all along.

  5. Got the 1-2 weeks ago.
    I’m I in :p ?

    Jaben: Yes…

  6. Wow this is one interesting bike! good luck to the lucky one, im currently testing my mylar XB.
    More power to Jaben, more power to you uncle wilson!

    Jaben: Thank you… more power to you too…

  7. Well that looks diffent LOL
    Being in the UK i have never seen one of them 🙂
    I hear there common in china though!

    Jaben: Actually this bike was invented in the UK by a Pom no less… as I know, it has been sold to Giant, the Giants of thr bivyvle business.

  8. Well I never…!

    Jaben: Would “coals to Newcastle” be an appropriate phrase?

  9. I dont think so :s
    i thought the phrase was used for things that where pointless.
    I cant think of a good example ( food related example which you seem to like! is selling pasta to the italians!).
    But it comes from years ago when newcastle had a massive economy through the mining of coal. So someone trying to sell coal to Newcastle would be pointless as they had unlimited supply. So they would never buy it off of someone else.
    So “coals to newcastle” would be a uphill battle or in better terms pointless!

    Jaben: Thanks… well I learnt something today…

  10. Oh i think you might have ment my post was pointless lol, so in that case yes lol.
    But i was sayin “well i never”, to your reply. As i was amazed that the bike was invented in the UK and i had never seen one in real life, but they are common abroad!

    Jaben: Oh No, I did not mean that… I was thinking more like “Well it was from your own back yard…”, but then again you do have a large backyard isn’t it…

  11. Well its about 900 miles from lands end to john o groats (two furthiest points!)

    So its reasonable but not in respects to most countries!!

  12. So the draw isn’t on this Friday? Cuz I was so sad I couldn’t go this Friday. 😦
    Be seeing you next week, uncle…

    Jaben: Well cheer up… now you have a reason to smile.

  13. I just got my pair of MylarOne XBs.. so I’m automatically in the draw as well?

    Jaben: You qualify but you got to get the form and fill in your details.

  14. Ah ok… so where do I get the form? From the shop itself?

    Jaben: Yes…

  15. Is it possible for the form to be posted up on the website? So maybe we can fill it up and email it to you?

  16. […] […]

  17. do you mean we can email you the form?

    Jaben: 😦 , no… you can mail us the form… like in postman…

  18. ohh..ok

  19. If you bought mylarone x3s, do you have to send the form?

    Jaben: If you have not filled it in at the store, then you have to…

  20. when is the draw held?

    Jaben: It will be annouced in later…

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