… and what do you think will arrive this week?

Mmmm… how about:

  • Sensaphonics, this is in. KK, come and get it
  • Hornet… It’s in…
  • Tomahawks, It’s in…
  • Portuguese Salted Fish
  • LiveWires, Custom IEM’s
  • ……….
  • ……….

~ by jaben on June 19, 2007.

25 Responses to “… and what do you think will arrive this week?”

  1. wow, more new poisonous sutff arriving? pity all the wallets that’s going to be a diet (becoming lighter). haha. but cheer for the people who’s gonna be happy!

    hmmm… what more can arrive? a new amp, iem or headphones? maybe the long awaited livewires?

  2. hahaha…i hope it’s mylar4…with much better design =)

  3. I hope its one of my stuff. But I can’t collect it as of yet
    I got exams I must study for.. can keep for me?

    Jaben: Is that you snake?, if so, more than a couple of goodies…

  4. UM3s!

  5. Hopefully some more cheap but amazing products (i.e myylarone X3!) i can afford lol!

    Jaben: 🙂

  6. I agree. Being the stingy person I am, I am all about the budget products. After I pay off college, maybe I can afford to cut loose a bit and buy everything I want.

  7. haha. did you see the first post on mine?

    can it be the livewires??? haha, people have been waiting for them for so long (sadly i’m not in the list).

  8. grados of course

    Jaben: No Bud, we only have the Alessandros’ by Grado

  9. He he… A packet of CodFish 🙂

    Jaben: Yay!!!, Mucho Gracias

  10. Why not fill the blanks in one by one after they arrived?

    Jaben: Yep, one down… many more to go…

  11. whatever it is… its gonna leave a big hole in my wallet.

    Jaben: Surprise !!!, some are priceless and some are so affordable… cheaper than your sweet-young-thing’s haircut.

  12. AE-2, AE-2, AE-2 (all together now…)

  13. AE-2, RSA Hornet, RSA Tomahawk, Balachan Fried Rice… Maybe Canned Sardines..

  14. Tomahawk please….

  15. Potato Chips, Spam(luncheon meat), new interconnects, and a batch of x3’s changed to custom iems

  16. are the bees n red indians finally landing? 🙂

    Jaben: The Eagle has landed…

  17. Hehehe…..waiting for my dad to bring back the 1.7kg can of tuna…..My dad says he will try to bring back 1 can for you, Wilson….Tuna sandwich anyone…..

    Jaben: We are waiting…

  18. was wondering whats the brand of whisky i drank the other day =P

    Jaben: It is either Southern Comfort or Glenfiddich Single malt.

  19. Any chance of the MiniBox-D amps coming in this week? waiting to get my hands on one

    Jaben: I think so…

  20. something of loseless music/flac support i’m sure !

    Jaben: Interesting… mmm…

  21. Portuguese Salted Fish, mmmmmmmmm sounds tasty 🙂
    More custom IEM’s your a cruel cruel man 🙂
    (locks wallet in safe)

    Jaben: Job description – Making People Poor and Happy… Hey Russman, are you reading this… hehehehe 🙂

  22. Not as poor as most shops!!

  23. if your spouse finds out about the blog i bet your wallet would be locked in a place you won’t know.

    Jaben: Shhhhhh…

  24. did u said “Portuguese Salted Fish”??

  25. Yes he did :p

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